Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Picked up THE Ring today at *no name shall be revealed* and resized it to fit my finger purrfectly. So what is left on my list ? Shall we check together?

Ring (MINE of course...Ikhwan has purchased)

Sejadah + Baju Silat
Kain Nikah + Butang Baju Melayu
Tepak Sireh (SomethingBorrowed by Nawal) - to be collected on 7th March  technically done
Dulang (SomethingBorrowed by Nawal) -  to be collected on 7th March technically done
Door gift

Oh dear...anyone with any ideas on what I should give to my guests? As a small note of thank you for coming? Besides the FOOD they ate at my function? Looks like I have this weekend as my last weekend to go all out before the engagement.

By the way, I just realized the engagement is NEXT WEEK. yeay !!! *scratches head*

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  1. Sugar cookies! Ahaa I can't think of anything else besides food ;p