Monday, 6 February 2012

Measure ME !!

Went to the tailor just now with mommy. Hani ? Bailed on me...Dianah ? Bailed on me...Useless sisters I have. Idiots! 

Anyway, who is my tailor ? Well, that's a secret I will never tell. *wink* She measured me up, gave ideas, and bla bla bla. And guess what...we took the cloth back because we forgot to buy lining for her to sew  with the cloth I have for my outfit for the ENGAGEMENT.

So, we gotta hunt for lining a.s.a.p and give it to her by this week so it can be ready by the 1st of March. Just in time for me to try and do last minute alters (if I gain weight and my boobs expand). Nothing much actually, cause my mom and her were deciding on how long the sleeves will be, how long the sarong will be and how low the neckline will be. All I managed to say was, I want the sarong to start below waist. The old skool Baju Kurungs, let it be modern or not, the sarongs would start high waisted and it's so uncomfortable. So lucky me, I managed to jump in at the right moment.

Sneak Peak

Lil snip-it of my Engagement Outfit- cloth

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