Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Just My Luck

I have never had a terrible day like this in my entire life before. I was practically jinxed from the minute I woke up till just now 7pm. What happened? Well...embrace yourselves please. Here is how it all began.

I have training today which is at Bangi and my company provides free bus transportation to Bangi Centre. Okay so the day before, I checked with my co-workers where the pick up point was. And they explained to me to wait at Maybank Central Market. Central Market....a place I am NOT familiar with. So I took the Putra Lrt and reached Pasar Seni at 7am bus arrives at 7.30 am

Confidently, I crossed the overhead bridge just like what they explained to me and saw the sign Maybank at Menara Dayabumi. The key point place for today is wait in front of Maybank which has a 7-Eleven next to it. So I walked into the Dayabumi building, saw Maybank and asked the security guard how do I get outside to the main entrance of Maybank and he told me to go up certain stairs and down some hallways and I would reach the main entrance. There I was at the main entrance. Guess what!!! It was facing the highway! And there was no freaking 7-Eleven. 

I decided to call the bus driver and asked for explanations again and he was like oh went to the wrong Maybank. Go back to the Lrt station and it is just below there. And he added hurry! The 7.30 am bus is there and the next bus is at 7.50am for the day. I "slowly" ran in my heels going through all the hassle walk again. And finally I saw the Maybank he was talking about. Goddamnit!!! It was just below the Lrt. Pffft

So I waited for the 7.50am bus. The bus arrived. I seriously don't know how...But I fell down from the pavement to the road flat on my palms and knees. It was so blooooody embarrassing. I fell just behind the line where all the other people from the same company as me, but from different branches were lining up. And 2 men turned around and helped me up and asked if I was okay and was telling me not to rush and not to worry that the bus won't leave me. I will get my chance to get on the bus! *face all red* but I pretended to act all pity for falling.

Reached my destination. Got up to my training center thank god those people were not in the same room as me. I went to the washroom to freshen up and then I realized my feet hurts so bad. I took off my shoes and saw that my entire skin on my big toe was peeled off and there was this huge red patch which is causing a "pedih" feeling and it was hurting me so bad I wanted to get out of my heels. But I had no choice but to suck it in till 5.30 pm

Came 5.30 pm...I rushed to the bus pick up spot in the Bangi Center. And I was so happy I got into the bus and did not miss it. Somehow, with the traffic and all I fell asleep. No no no...listen listen!! I fell asleep. I was awaken when the bus stopped. And people started getting off. Me being an idiot got off too soooo confidently and after the bus left, I came to realize, this is not my stop at all. I was at the old Railway Station. I panicked and called Ikhwan saying I wanted to cry I am lost I dunno where I am and my feet hurts like hell. I walked into the KTM Station and I saw the same man who helped me up when I fell. I asked him how do I go to the nearest Putra Lrt and he said " oh why did you get off here then? The nearest Lrt is the stop the bus picked us up which is about 300 meters walk from here" I said thank you and left.

With my heels and my feet killing me I had to walk 300 meters to the Putra. Wanna add more drama, it started to rain heavily and I didn't have an umbrella. All I had was my jacket which I used to cover my head. And I walked very very slowly due to the fact that my feet hurts and that I didn't wanna slip and fall again with the floor being slippery and all. 

In the end my dear dear people, I reached the Putra Lrt, got onto the train and went to my stop and went home! I have never been so glad to have found a Lrt Station. I was overwhelmed with joy when I saw the train. The familiar train. And I have never panicked that much in my life.

Today was seriously not my day. Bad Karma was around me and out to get me! It all began at 7 am and I only reached home safely at 7 pm. Glad to be home. Wanna hear something else? Tomorrow I have training again. This time, I am gonna be alert and I am gonna wear the flattest flats ever created in the world with an umbrella, just in case, and will NOT fall asleep in the bus on the way home. There you have it! How was your day? 

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