Sunday, 5 February 2012

I'm Back

It has been a very very long week for me. Been extremely busy with work, with chores, with stuff! However, I managed to get some lil things done in between. Want a full recap? Here goes.

Am bumming in my older sisters house for the whole of last week including next. Just for the fun of it! I take the train to work from Kelana Jaya back and forth. We only reach home at 8 to 9 pm coz we would eat dinner after that then head home.

Watch a couple hours of TV then off to bed! That has been my entire week for the entire of last week. Although it may sound boring...It was not  ookay. We go Chatime , we go to Tropicana , Papa Rich , and Giza. However, last weekend, my sisters and I went to curve for lunch with her friends at Paddington Pancake and *droools* it was delicious. Must bring Ikhwan there. The pancakes were so soft and fluffy and to-die-for....

After lunch,we did some walking about. Had to hunt birthday present for a teenager. Hate doing that cause teenagers to me a VERY fickle minded and everything you think they would like would be like "childish" for them. Don't you agree ? Haish....some kids wanna grow up way faster then they are supposed to. But I ended up buying something (which I hope she likes) that my younger sister said "yeah!! nice" since she is a teenager herself.

 Hani & Me 

Dianah & Me

Fluffy Pancake Dessert

Another Fluffy yummy pancake dessert

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