Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Guest List

Oh thank goodness !! Guest List for my engagement is DONE ! Finally came to a decision with mommy just now. I hate this part the most. The thing is,  I want a small engagement. With close family and friends. But when you look at the whole picture, it is easier said then done.

This would happen in all families out there. I am 100 % certain of it. Who is important to invite and who not to. And those not invited will feel hurt and upset. Oh my god! Drama drama drama... Sometimes people have to remember and think. Maybe he/she wants a small function. Maybe the location and space can only fit a certain amount of people. Maybe he/she wants it intimate.

Anyways, I managed to talk mommy into it and gave her the list of people I WANT to invite and those we shall invite because they are the eldest and must be present on our joyfulness occasion. So bottom line is, we are calling ALL mommy and daddy's brothers and sisters AND the FIRST BORN of their family with their spouse only. And of course my closest cousins (whom I actually grew up with and still keep the bond with till today. like seriously close close type of close) it's only fair! I'm close to them . .  That way, no one will feel offended. Trust me, if I call every of my cousins, the guest list will turn to a wedding list.

I am so glad this worst part is settled. But frankly speaking, if I were to hear stories coming back to me saying this so and so was not invited and was offended, to hell with them. I can't invite and please every tom, dick and harry. Wait for the WEDDING. THEY WILL ALL be invited. Sometimes in life, I guess we ought to know when certain things need to be done and not. *phew*

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