Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A Dedicated Post to My One & Only Man....Ikhwan Sha

It is 9.05 pm and as I was opening and checking our Joint Email Account (Ikhwan's and mine) I came across an email which caught my attention and my eye.It was an email from ******** that Ikhwan and me have been waiting for all these years.

With great excitement and enthusiasm, I opened the email.  And the image attached to it made me jump with joy shouting and screaming my lungs out in my small room. I immediately dialled Ikhwan's number. Obviously he has not seen the email. Am certain of it. still had the unopened envelope symbol and if he did, I would be the FIRST he would call to inform.

With a high toned voice, controlling myself, I asked Ikhwan to open the email NOW. And I waited impatiently on the other end. I guided him through it asked him to look at Mr*******'s email. Open it ! And he was nervous. So was I. Only afraid he would be upset at the end result. But NO! He was as thrilled as me. Even more, if I may add! 

It came. It's happening. All Ikhwan's hard work and dedication and all the time consumed with sleepless nights all felt paid off with the email. Just an email you may think. But that is our live. His life. His dreams. His goals. 

This post is especially for you sayang. I am so proud of you I can't describe it with words no-more. I knew you would do it and could do it! You have proved them all wrong! That you are what you say you are and you have become what you said you would become. It is all happening my love. 2012 is our year. Your year, my year! Thank you Allah for blessing Ikhwan and me in many great ways. I will always be by your side. We shall not stop here my love. This is only the beginning. Many more to come for you and me. Many many many more. Amen.

To my beautiful readers from all over the world, I can't wait to share with you this special outrageous news on Ikhwan. But like I mentioned in all my previous posts, I will never be able to mention or disclose any information until it is there for you to see. 90% is done. Hopefully by early March I will be able to do a post just to honour my one and only IKHWAN SHA. Remember that name, and you saw it here FIRST*wink*

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