Monday, 16 January 2012

Weekend relaxation

Had a wonderful weekend with my Ikhwan, Alif and Nurul. Went to so many places. Actually it started on Saturday noon when we 4 headed to Palm Beach at Sepang for fishing. Unfortunately, there was no freaking water at all...Hahaha. Had our food when we arrived. There were plenty leftovers. After that, the 4 of us had a nice walk to the middle of the sea to dig for shells to cook and eat. Again, sadly, we found only 3...3!!

After resting and chilling and talking crap we decided to make a move. Made some pit stops on the way. I bought a fully cotton pillow, bought yam for Ikhwan's mom and my mom and these 3 wanted DURIAN. we stopped by the roadside and the three of them had some! So smelly and disgusting! After they stuffed themselves with the smelly fruit, we headed back to Alif's place had our shower and off to Subang Parade for CHATIME. I tried this new flavour. Hazelnut Chocolate Milk Tea. And oh my goodness! Delicious! Try it!! We then headed to Boom Town at USJ 11 for dinner. Chilled for couple of hours then headed home.

Next morning, woke up at noon, got ready and headed to Subang Parade AGAIN for....CHATIME....ordered the same drink. Had lunch at the chicken rice shop...bukan sekadar nasi ayam...*pepplock* the chicken sound like the ad.

Walked around for couple hours in Empire Gallery then went back to Alif's house to relax for a bit and back to home we all went. Since it was Sunday and work and all the next day. That was about 7.30 pm. I seriously, for the first time ever ever since I started work, felt my weekend was well spent.

The Beach

Food made by Nurul and myself

Us digging for shells


From left : Alif, Me, Ikhwan

From Left : Nurul & me

From Left : Ikhwan & Alif

The Durian

Finger licking good

Disgustingly eating away

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