Monday, 9 January 2012

There's no place like home....

So at 6am I woke up and started getting ready for work. Headed to the HQ in the city centre for my induction which by the way started at 8.45 am and I reached the centre at 7.10 am . I KNOW !!! Waited for long hours and finally it was 8.45 am. Had my induction by the Head HR Department on the code of conduct, ethics, leave , MC everything.....

At 11 am they asked those who don't have a bank account with **** Bank , head out and open an account asap cause today is the deadline to submit the correct account for them to credit the salary which will be credited early this month due to Chinese New Year! Sat in the bank till 1.30 pm to open a freaking account because duh....EVERYONE who starts work today the first day people had to open an account.

At 1.30 pm went back up to the HR Department and guess what !! They were on lunch break till 2pm. Okay... so what did I do? Waited at the waiting area instead of having lunch I hate to eat lunch alone. I never can and never will.. At 1.45 pm, someone from the HR Department spotted me (thank god) helped me out bla bla bla and he said okay all set you may report to your office now and start duty.

Took a taxi to my office. Of all days, today, the city centre had many road closures due to the court case for he who shall not be named . Thank goodness the traffic was settled by then. So I reached my destination at 2.30 pm and reported for duty. Had a senior show me around. Did a mini tour cause everyone was busy, being the new year and all... She helped teach me some stuff and guess what ?? It went on till 8.40pm. YES !! You heard me! I finished work at 8.40 pm. Had some meetings and trainings and bla-di-bla. I was so eager to leave at 6.30 pm SHARP. At my previous office, by 5.28 pm, I was at the punch-card machine to clock out! 

I am so freaking exhausted. It wasn't a bad day actually. Just a hectic day! But you know what was the worst part? MAXIS had no coverage at where my office is situated. Screw em....I couldn't text Ikhwan who thought I got kidnapped because he failed to get a hold of me till 9.00 pm LOVE HIM...Couldn't text Erin she was gonna meet me after work to take the train back together and I was in the mids of training. Couldn't just walk out and find coverage. Sorry ERIN!!

It is 10.16 pm and I am all settled. Just took my shower, blogging in front of the TV in the oh so comfortable sofa.....Am so freaking glad to be home. My legs are aching! Was in heels the entire day! My previous office, I wore sandals and once I was at work I walked bare-footed in the entire office. So, after so so long, today...I wore heels again and for 13 hours straight ! *sigh* ..  Despite all that, I am looking forward for work tomorrow. 

PS: Dianah was stunned to see my in my work outfit. And I quote " Oh my god Tas, you look so freaking professional" heheheh...I never dress up dress up to work previously. I mean hello, I walked around barefooted. *sigh* Good Night folks

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