Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Shopping Spree

At 11 am I received a cute text from Ikhwan asking me out on a date...hahaha!! He wanted to see the ring on my finger for himself! So, I got all excited and said yes yes yes lets go out started jumping, rushed to shower and waited for him to pick me up. As I entered the car, I have NO IDEA why, but I suddenly felt very shy. Don't laugh at me okay! Shy and all cause I am finally wearing THE ring.

Watched Jack and Jill yesterday with Ikhwan, Alif and Nurul at One Utama. I found it hilarious. Couldn't stop laughing. However, we were pretty upset cause Rob Schneider was not in any of the scenes at all. That's the first! Anyway, after the movie, we went...wait for it....wait for it....SHOPPING !! for my work clothes obviously *tsk tsk*

So, me being a person who dislikes shopping was hardly excited. Lucky me, Nurul was available and the boys too. She helped pick out all the clothes and the boys either gave thumbs up or down. In the end, I managed to buy 3 new dresses, 1 new blazer jacket thingy, and 1 pair of slacks. All from Nichii *Pheeww*

My Jacket Blazer thingy

Dress No 1

Dress No 2

Dress No 3

All the clothes

PS: SORRY for the bad photography. Haven't got a good camera yet

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