Sunday, 8 January 2012

Nas Great Idea

To all b2b's out there...Have you heard of Nas Great Idea? Oh god!! I am totally head over heels in love with their work. Somehow they manage to turn a simple place to a magical dream where we brides would love to be in.

But yeah! I'm sure you know it would be pricey eh? Well, the most basic "pelamin" they come up with starts from RM5k and so on. I recently came across one wedding they did which to me was super genius and gorgeous. I mean the idea and concept probably came from the b2b or even from Nas Great Idea. But that's besides the point. In the end, Nas Great Idea managed to make it happen. They do plenty. I mean not only "pelamin". Check out their website at the link above.

I showed mommy the picture of the settings etc they did and pitched in the idea to my mom as well that I would love to do the same concept. Obviously I think it would be expensive. Fingers cross it wont. Anyways, just wanted to share with all the b2b's out there on someone you could consider to design your "pelamin" with.

The pelamin setting in the mosque

Place setting for guests in the mosque

Below are some pictures of their recent work :

PICTURES : Courtesy of Nas Great Idea