Sunday, 1 January 2012


Updated: I'm sorry I forgot to mention a big thank you to all my family members for helping out and attending my function and making it all happen. And a HUGE shout out to my older sister SARAH HANI for the hair and make-up which made me glow and to my younger sister DIANAH for helping Hani too. Thank you!! 

Today is a new chapter of a new beginning of a new year,for Ikhwan and me. Yes !! The merisik went well. Ikhwan's family came, and they brought tepak sireh, asked for my hand in marriage from my family. All agreed and his mom wore the ring for me as a symbol of agreement. My Merisik went smoothly and this new day of the new year couldn't get any better than today.

Well, when the groom side arrived, I was upstairs in my room peeping through my window and panicking. I snuck down quietly and stood at the staircase and heard the whole thing happen. The conversations, the pantuns, the laughings etc.Then my elder sister came to me and I knew, it was my turn. I had to look down and control my laughter. And pretend to be all shy and innocent. It was hard!!! I am normally loud and very noisy indeed. So today, I toned down a lot. Shocker !! Then Ikhwan's mom (in Malay tradition, the groom-to-be does not attend the Merisik ceremony. The future MIL will wear the ring on the bride-to-be's finger) wore the ring on my finger which is so gorgeous by the way, and after that, the ceremony was done. And everyone was invited to dig in!!

We had some high tea served. Roti Jala which my sister and me made this morning. 250 pieces okay...We also served some fried noodles with chicken curry. And obviously desserts. It was *sigh* a huge relief. The scariest part for me was today. Only because it is the first time ever our parents will be meeting after all these years we have been seeing each other.
I am very happy it all went well. 

Tepak Sireh with Bunga Melur

Ikhwan's Parents

Groom entourage

Both Families meeting and discussing

Ikhwan's mom wearing me the ring

My mommy and Ikhwan's mommy

Ladies from both families

"If you like it then you should put a ring on it" wohooooo

My Pre-Engagement ring

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  1. tannimmmmm - mention la ur makeup and hair and all :(