Monday, 23 January 2012

Men vs Food

We, Ikhwan, Alif, Nurul and myself had an ultimate "MEN VS FOOD" challenge... We had lunch at New York New York Deli at OneUtama. "The Giant Burger ! We dare you !" That is what they wrote on the menu. Well, basically it is a either beef / chicken burger which is 8 inch big with french fries, meant for two to four people. However, if any individual would like to take the challenge by eating the burger alone, you may do so. How? They will ask you to sit on an individual table, they will serve you a cup of water and time your for an hour. He who finishes the entire plate within that hour shall have the giant burger for FREE! YES....FREE!! If not it costs RM 45.00 per plate. Us? No no no. We shared amongst the four of us. That also Nurul couldn't finish her slice. Hahaha *private joke between us*

The Giant Burger

Ikhwan & me enjoying our slice

Nurul and Alif as always, sharing a slice (even to take photo must share)

Ikhwan, trying to finish the french fries since we all gave up

After the heaviest lunch ever, we headed to the cinema. Watched Underworld:Awakening . It was good but the movie was short. Too short. Everything happened too fast and easy. Watch it and you'll know what I mean. Before entering the cinema, Ikhwan and me RAN to Chatime to get our drinks because all the stores in OneUtama was closing (it was 4pm and the eve of CNY). Luckily, Chatime was still open. I had my Chocolate Hazelnut Milk Tea. *yummmy*

Dinner, we headed to Kampung Baru to have the famous Nasi Lemak. Hanged around there for couple hours and then *censored* we left and headed to OverTime at Setapak just to chill, and talk and laugh...Ooooh and then the boys got hungry AGAIN so we went to Malis Char Koey Teow at Wangsa Maju. Lookng forward to next weekend to chill again! fun and nice!

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