Friday, 20 January 2012

Crawling creepy-ly

Oh dear god ! I love the fact that this is a long , I mean LOOOONG weekend. Have been coming back from work late everyday and I will completely collapse on my bed. Am so looking forward to a nice long peaceful rest. Yeah like the peaceful part will ever happen. My brothers both of them are back from University for the holidays! Haish!! Bisiing! 

Anyway, I just logged into my blog and saw my engagement ticker and it states 1 Month and 3 Weeks till the day . That is so near already and I have hardly had time to breathe. I am excited! Gonna meet Ikhwan tomorrow after a whole week. Can you believe it? An entire week. Plus, with my new office not having maxis coverage only smart phone users with 3G has line. Discrimination I NEVER text or call Ikhwan from 8am up till 7 plus almost 8 pm. Once I reach home I text and call him and that also after texting bout 15 minutes I would suddenly snooze off without realizing and next morning I will see all the texts from him or whoever. I am a very light sleeper is there such word? But somehow now a days, my phone beeps and I don't wake up. Lucky Dianah goes to school. That way, I will NEVER not wake up for work.

So yeay ! Tomorrow night is date night with Ikhwan. And then Sunday is double-date day with Alif & Nurul. Then obviously Monday and Tuesday on Chinese New Year, I wanna sleep all day and wake up super duper late. Work ? It is very hectic only cause I have alot of things to learn but other than that, I am really enjoying. I already hit my week target and it is only my 2nd week in my new job. Looks like 2012 is going to be a good year for me! Amin to that ! 

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