Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Beauty School

So with my upcoming engagement and wedding, I have so gotta take good care of my health especially my skin and complexion. My face skin...hmm where should I begin! I have very sensitive dry skin. Yes on my hands, legs and FACE too. BUT....one thing I love about my face skin is I hardly ever get breakouts. Despite it being dry, you can feel it when you touch it I have spotless face. 

So let's stop bragging about my face, which I am very pleased, I recently came to notice that my current face wash which I have been using for over a year now and no I won't dish out the brand  has been making my skin worst.At first I thought it was normal. But lately, it has been getting worst. So that means time for a new change!

After reading many many reviews and blogs and articles, I finally came to a decision. I just got myself...HADA LABO. Many people I mean many have been giving good reviews on this brand. So I am gonna try it.  I went out and got myself a starter pack from Guardian which was so affordable. I mean to be honest, Hada Labo is expensive. Yeah!! But Guardian was selling a pack of all the 3 we need for only RM 53.00 promotion ends today NP: RM 58.90

I also got a bunch of other normal stuff I use everyday. Oh Oh...I also got Ikhwan a face wash by Simple. They have for men now! Simple I trust ! Hopefully it would work out on Ikhwan's face.Not like he has breakout problems. Actually his face hardly breaks out too. Just like me :) eeew I sounded so tacky. Anyways, never wrong to keep em' clean 

And the other thing I bought for the first time ever in my life is Redoxon. Since a long time ago I have always wanted to take this vitamin C for health, glowy skin etc but I always never really bothered. But for now, I gotsta keep my complexion glowing until the day we say "I DO" so...yeah! Guardian again had a promotion. Usually per box of 30 tablets is RM 40.00 but now they have a pack of 3 boxes for RM 100 and the best part is you get back RM 5.00 voucher for every RM 50.00 spent on a single receipt. So yeay me!! Hopefully the Redoxon is as effective as they say it is.

My Hada Labo

Ikhwan's SIMPLE face wash

Our Redoxon

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