Friday, 6 January 2012

Back to reality

I'm home!! Went for a short vacation to relax before I start my new job. Am starting work next week...I am so nervous. What if they don't like me ? What if everyone there is so bitchy and stuck up ? What if they are mean ? It's like I'm the new girl in the school. Oh god!! I hope everything goes well.

What if I don't make friends and people start accusing me for being so anti-social ? That's what Erin called me last time at my old work place. Little did she know, we ended up being so close to each other with Mia of course. What if the they are not as crazy and fun and friendly like Mia & Erin ?

*sigh* But one thing for sure. Mia has given me great advise on how to mingle and make friends at my new job. Because, this would be my first time working in a BIG company with many people in an office. My previous job was only 20 of us. And that also we had some "bitching" issues and problems within the girls. So can you imagine this?? I hope I remember what I learned from my previous office. People, their way of talking, body language, characters etc. That way, I can save myself from all the silly dramas. 

Somehow I feel like separating work life and private life buy not being TOO close with these new people I will be meeting soon. Girlfriends? I've got Mia & Erin on that. Which reminds me...Will be meeting them on Monday after work! So excited !! Miss them so bloooooody much. see the number of o's in my bloody ? That's how much... Enough said! Wish me luck guys!! Monday is coming closer and closer....

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