Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Had the ultimate best news ever from .... for Ikhwan...hehehe ! Well, all the thanks would come to me! NO...seriously....ME! Okay no...seriously, I am so freaking proud of you Ikhwan! Can't wait till mid Feb to hear the updated news on ... Sorry guys, I still can't reveal this great fantastic thing that is happening in our lives. More like Ikhwan's life. But it will give a huge impact on me too. *ahem ahem* after all, I am gonna be his wife SOON.

Anyhow, I am loving today. Even work!! Went to work and managed to finish like 90% of my work load. Wanted to stay back and finish it but guess who gave me a surprise visit!! No...not Johnny Depp I would take a week off, if that were to happen.Just Kidding....*but I would if it were to really happen* IKHWAN came! He wanted to have dinner with me and send me home instead of me taking the damn Lrt.

Had dinner then he dropped me home and just right before he left, we received the good news that has been making his face so long and sour till his chin was sweeping the darn floor. Now, his face is back . In fact, his grin is so Barbie & Ken now if you were to ask me! What matters most is...WE HAD 2 THUMBS UP! yeeeeehaw!!

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