Thursday, 12 January 2012

New York New York

Hellloooo...Oh my goodness! I miss blogging and pouring my heart out! Work ?? Been hectic but in a good way ! Well well...Yesterday I met Ikhwan after work. Had dinner at Carls Jr at Pavilion. Obviously again! I stunned Ikhwan with my work clothes. He said I look like Kim Kardashian. *hik hik*

We didn't really manage to chat chat cause I have not seen Ikhwan since I started work! Yupps! Can you imagine that? How long ago was that? Monday till last night only we met and sadly only for a quick dinner cause I was exhausted and him too after gym.

Anyway, let me tell you about the wonderful Thursday I had. Today ! So as usual, I arrived at work at 7.10 am and I have nothing to do. So....I waited for KFC to open. Got my self take-away breakfast told you I can't sit and eat alone. Anyway, after that I was like oh crap....where than can I sit and eat my food. Toilet ? No way ! I had a cup of coffee and a small cheese bun. KFC cheats alot man! So bloody small. McD breakfast would have been much more worth it!

Ooops back to my story. I can't wait to share "where I had my BREAKFAST". So anyway, as I was saying, I was thinking where should I eat. And then......guess where I had my breakfast! Guess ! Here goes.....I had breakfast at.....

Haahahahaha....YES!! You heard me!! I leaned against the bricks of their wall and had my cup of coffee on one hand and my cheese bun on the other Sadly, no one was available to snap my pictures while I was eating. At that moment, I felt Like Audrey Hepburn...from Breakfast at Tiffany's...DUH!! I was like "oooh I'm in New York having my breakfast just like her...all dressed up and all alone" I love today! Couldn't stop grinning whole time during breakfast and was so impatient to update my blog and share with you all the excitement I felt during the best meal not the food but the surrounding.

Anyway, during my lunch break I managed to catch a glimpse of  

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  1. Breakfest at Tiffany's....hmmm....SOUNDS LIKE TONS OF FUNNN!!

    xoxo- Laila