Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Had the ultimate best news ever from .... for Ikhwan...hehehe ! Well, all the thanks would come to me! NO...seriously....ME! Okay no...seriously, I am so freaking proud of you Ikhwan! Can't wait till mid Feb to hear the updated news on ... Sorry guys, I still can't reveal this great fantastic thing that is happening in our lives. More like Ikhwan's life. But it will give a huge impact on me too. *ahem ahem* after all, I am gonna be his wife SOON.

Anyhow, I am loving today. Even work!! Went to work and managed to finish like 90% of my work load. Wanted to stay back and finish it but guess who gave me a surprise visit!! No...not Johnny Depp I would take a week off, if that were to happen.Just Kidding....*but I would if it were to really happen* IKHWAN came! He wanted to have dinner with me and send me home instead of me taking the damn Lrt.

Had dinner then he dropped me home and just right before he left, we received the good news that has been making his face so long and sour till his chin was sweeping the darn floor. Now, his face is back . In fact, his grin is so Barbie & Ken now if you were to ask me! What matters most is...WE HAD 2 THUMBS UP! yeeeeehaw!!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


So many things have been going through my head. I am feeling all sort of mixed emotional feelings now. I have no idea why. Is it a sign ? A warning ? A hint ? If only I knew. I just get so annoyed when I find out things that I should have known long before. And then now it burns inside whenever I think of it.

Like how can a person do like that? Or say that ? Or react like that? Like so f*'ed up. Seriously. No idea what I am talking about? Neither do I....this happens when I get too emotional on things and my brains won't stop thinking about it and my heart would somehow ache and think and think and think.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Men vs Food

We, Ikhwan, Alif, Nurul and myself had an ultimate "MEN VS FOOD" challenge... We had lunch at New York New York Deli at OneUtama. "The Giant Burger ! We dare you !" That is what they wrote on the menu. Well, basically it is a either beef / chicken burger which is 8 inch big with french fries, meant for two to four people. However, if any individual would like to take the challenge by eating the burger alone, you may do so. How? They will ask you to sit on an individual table, they will serve you a cup of water and time your for an hour. He who finishes the entire plate within that hour shall have the giant burger for FREE! YES....FREE!! If not it costs RM 45.00 per plate. Us? No no no. We shared amongst the four of us. That also Nurul couldn't finish her slice. Hahaha *private joke between us*

The Giant Burger

Ikhwan & me enjoying our slice

Nurul and Alif as always, sharing a slice (even to take photo must share)

Ikhwan, trying to finish the french fries since we all gave up

After the heaviest lunch ever, we headed to the cinema. Watched Underworld:Awakening . It was good but the movie was short. Too short. Everything happened too fast and easy. Watch it and you'll know what I mean. Before entering the cinema, Ikhwan and me RAN to Chatime to get our drinks because all the stores in OneUtama was closing (it was 4pm and the eve of CNY). Luckily, Chatime was still open. I had my Chocolate Hazelnut Milk Tea. *yummmy*

Dinner, we headed to Kampung Baru to have the famous Nasi Lemak. Hanged around there for couple hours and then *censored* we left and headed to OverTime at Setapak just to chill, and talk and laugh...Ooooh and then the boys got hungry AGAIN so we went to Malis Char Koey Teow at Wangsa Maju. Lookng forward to next weekend to chill again! fun and nice!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Crawling creepy-ly

Oh dear god ! I love the fact that this is a long , I mean LOOOONG weekend. Have been coming back from work late everyday and I will completely collapse on my bed. Am so looking forward to a nice long peaceful rest. Yeah like the peaceful part will ever happen. My brothers both of them are back from University for the holidays! Haish!! Bisiing! 

Anyway, I just logged into my blog and saw my engagement ticker and it states 1 Month and 3 Weeks till the day . That is so near already and I have hardly had time to breathe. I am excited! Gonna meet Ikhwan tomorrow after a whole week. Can you believe it? An entire week. Plus, with my new office not having maxis coverage only smart phone users with 3G has line. Discrimination I NEVER text or call Ikhwan from 8am up till 7 plus almost 8 pm. Once I reach home I text and call him and that also after texting bout 15 minutes I would suddenly snooze off without realizing and next morning I will see all the texts from him or whoever. I am a very light sleeper is there such word? But somehow now a days, my phone beeps and I don't wake up. Lucky Dianah goes to school. That way, I will NEVER not wake up for work.

So yeay ! Tomorrow night is date night with Ikhwan. And then Sunday is double-date day with Alif & Nurul. Then obviously Monday and Tuesday on Chinese New Year, I wanna sleep all day and wake up super duper late. Work ? It is very hectic only cause I have alot of things to learn but other than that, I am really enjoying. I already hit my week target and it is only my 2nd week in my new job. Looks like 2012 is going to be a good year for me! Amin to that ! 

Monday, 16 January 2012

Weekend relaxation

Had a wonderful weekend with my Ikhwan, Alif and Nurul. Went to so many places. Actually it started on Saturday noon when we 4 headed to Palm Beach at Sepang for fishing. Unfortunately, there was no freaking water at all...Hahaha. Had our food when we arrived. There were plenty leftovers. After that, the 4 of us had a nice walk to the middle of the sea to dig for shells to cook and eat. Again, sadly, we found only 3...3!!

After resting and chilling and talking crap we decided to make a move. Made some pit stops on the way. I bought a fully cotton pillow, bought yam for Ikhwan's mom and my mom and these 3 wanted DURIAN. we stopped by the roadside and the three of them had some! So smelly and disgusting! After they stuffed themselves with the smelly fruit, we headed back to Alif's place had our shower and off to Subang Parade for CHATIME. I tried this new flavour. Hazelnut Chocolate Milk Tea. And oh my goodness! Delicious! Try it!! We then headed to Boom Town at USJ 11 for dinner. Chilled for couple of hours then headed home.

Next morning, woke up at noon, got ready and headed to Subang Parade AGAIN for....CHATIME....ordered the same drink. Had lunch at the chicken rice shop...bukan sekadar nasi ayam...*pepplock* the chicken sound like the ad.

Walked around for couple hours in Empire Gallery then went back to Alif's house to relax for a bit and back to home we all went. Since it was Sunday and work and all the next day. That was about 7.30 pm. I seriously, for the first time ever ever since I started work, felt my weekend was well spent.

The Beach

Food made by Nurul and myself

Us digging for shells


From left : Alif, Me, Ikhwan

From Left : Nurul & me

From Left : Ikhwan & Alif

The Durian

Finger licking good

Disgustingly eating away

Thursday, 12 January 2012

New York New York

Hellloooo...Oh my goodness! I miss blogging and pouring my heart out! Work ?? Been hectic but in a good way ! Well well...Yesterday I met Ikhwan after work. Had dinner at Carls Jr at Pavilion. Obviously again! I stunned Ikhwan with my work clothes. He said I look like Kim Kardashian. *hik hik*

We didn't really manage to chat chat cause I have not seen Ikhwan since I started work! Yupps! Can you imagine that? How long ago was that? Monday till last night only we met and sadly only for a quick dinner cause I was exhausted and him too after gym.

Anyway, let me tell you about the wonderful Thursday I had. Today ! So as usual, I arrived at work at 7.10 am and I have nothing to do. So....I waited for KFC to open. Got my self take-away breakfast told you I can't sit and eat alone. Anyway, after that I was like oh crap....where than can I sit and eat my food. Toilet ? No way ! I had a cup of coffee and a small cheese bun. KFC cheats alot man! So bloody small. McD breakfast would have been much more worth it!

Ooops back to my story. I can't wait to share "where I had my BREAKFAST". So anyway, as I was saying, I was thinking where should I eat. And then......guess where I had my breakfast! Guess ! Here goes.....I had breakfast at.....

Haahahahaha....YES!! You heard me!! I leaned against the bricks of their wall and had my cup of coffee on one hand and my cheese bun on the other Sadly, no one was available to snap my pictures while I was eating. At that moment, I felt Like Audrey Hepburn...from Breakfast at Tiffany's...DUH!! I was like "oooh I'm in New York having my breakfast just like her...all dressed up and all alone" I love today! Couldn't stop grinning whole time during breakfast and was so impatient to update my blog and share with you all the excitement I felt during the best meal not the food but the surrounding.

Anyway, during my lunch break I managed to catch a glimpse of  

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Monday, 9 January 2012

There's no place like home....

So at 6am I woke up and started getting ready for work. Headed to the HQ in the city centre for my induction which by the way started at 8.45 am and I reached the centre at 7.10 am . I KNOW !!! Waited for long hours and finally it was 8.45 am. Had my induction by the Head HR Department on the code of conduct, ethics, leave , MC everything.....

At 11 am they asked those who don't have a bank account with **** Bank , head out and open an account asap cause today is the deadline to submit the correct account for them to credit the salary which will be credited early this month due to Chinese New Year! Sat in the bank till 1.30 pm to open a freaking account because duh....EVERYONE who starts work today the first day people had to open an account.

At 1.30 pm went back up to the HR Department and guess what !! They were on lunch break till 2pm. Okay... so what did I do? Waited at the waiting area instead of having lunch I hate to eat lunch alone. I never can and never will.. At 1.45 pm, someone from the HR Department spotted me (thank god) helped me out bla bla bla and he said okay all set you may report to your office now and start duty.

Took a taxi to my office. Of all days, today, the city centre had many road closures due to the court case for he who shall not be named . Thank goodness the traffic was settled by then. So I reached my destination at 2.30 pm and reported for duty. Had a senior show me around. Did a mini tour cause everyone was busy, being the new year and all... She helped teach me some stuff and guess what ?? It went on till 8.40pm. YES !! You heard me! I finished work at 8.40 pm. Had some meetings and trainings and bla-di-bla. I was so eager to leave at 6.30 pm SHARP. At my previous office, by 5.28 pm, I was at the punch-card machine to clock out! 

I am so freaking exhausted. It wasn't a bad day actually. Just a hectic day! But you know what was the worst part? MAXIS had no coverage at where my office is situated. Screw em....I couldn't text Ikhwan who thought I got kidnapped because he failed to get a hold of me till 9.00 pm LOVE HIM...Couldn't text Erin she was gonna meet me after work to take the train back together and I was in the mids of training. Couldn't just walk out and find coverage. Sorry ERIN!!

It is 10.16 pm and I am all settled. Just took my shower, blogging in front of the TV in the oh so comfortable sofa.....Am so freaking glad to be home. My legs are aching! Was in heels the entire day! My previous office, I wore sandals and once I was at work I walked bare-footed in the entire office. So, after so so long, today...I wore heels again and for 13 hours straight ! *sigh* ..  Despite all that, I am looking forward for work tomorrow. 

PS: Dianah was stunned to see my in my work outfit. And I quote " Oh my god Tas, you look so freaking professional" heheheh...I never dress up dress up to work previously. I mean hello, I walked around barefooted. *sigh* Good Night folks

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Nas Great Idea

To all b2b's out there...Have you heard of Nas Great Idea? Oh god!! I am totally head over heels in love with their work. Somehow they manage to turn a simple place to a magical dream where we brides would love to be in.

But yeah! I'm sure you know it would be pricey eh? Well, the most basic "pelamin" they come up with starts from RM5k and so on. I recently came across one wedding they did which to me was super genius and gorgeous. I mean the idea and concept probably came from the b2b or even from Nas Great Idea. But that's besides the point. In the end, Nas Great Idea managed to make it happen. They do plenty. I mean not only "pelamin". Check out their website at the link above.

I showed mommy the picture of the settings etc they did and pitched in the idea to my mom as well that I would love to do the same concept. Obviously I think it would be expensive. Fingers cross it wont. Anyways, just wanted to share with all the b2b's out there on someone you could consider to design your "pelamin" with.

The pelamin setting in the mosque

Place setting for guests in the mosque

Below are some pictures of their recent work :

PICTURES : Courtesy of Nas Great Idea

Friday, 6 January 2012

Back to reality

I'm home!! Went for a short vacation to relax before I start my new job. Am starting work next week...I am so nervous. What if they don't like me ? What if everyone there is so bitchy and stuck up ? What if they are mean ? It's like I'm the new girl in the school. Oh god!! I hope everything goes well.

What if I don't make friends and people start accusing me for being so anti-social ? That's what Erin called me last time at my old work place. Little did she know, we ended up being so close to each other with Mia of course. What if the they are not as crazy and fun and friendly like Mia & Erin ?

*sigh* But one thing for sure. Mia has given me great advise on how to mingle and make friends at my new job. Because, this would be my first time working in a BIG company with many people in an office. My previous job was only 20 of us. And that also we had some "bitching" issues and problems within the girls. So can you imagine this?? I hope I remember what I learned from my previous office. People, their way of talking, body language, characters etc. That way, I can save myself from all the silly dramas. 

Somehow I feel like separating work life and private life buy not being TOO close with these new people I will be meeting soon. Girlfriends? I've got Mia & Erin on that. Which reminds me...Will be meeting them on Monday after work! So excited !! Miss them so bloooooody much. see the number of o's in my bloody ? That's how much... Enough said! Wish me luck guys!! Monday is coming closer and closer....

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Beauty School

So with my upcoming engagement and wedding, I have so gotta take good care of my health especially my skin and complexion. My face skin...hmm where should I begin! I have very sensitive dry skin. Yes on my hands, legs and FACE too. thing I love about my face skin is I hardly ever get breakouts. Despite it being dry, you can feel it when you touch it I have spotless face. 

So let's stop bragging about my face, which I am very pleased, I recently came to notice that my current face wash which I have been using for over a year now and no I won't dish out the brand  has been making my skin worst.At first I thought it was normal. But lately, it has been getting worst. So that means time for a new change!

After reading many many reviews and blogs and articles, I finally came to a decision. I just got myself...HADA LABO. Many people I mean many have been giving good reviews on this brand. So I am gonna try it.  I went out and got myself a starter pack from Guardian which was so affordable. I mean to be honest, Hada Labo is expensive. Yeah!! But Guardian was selling a pack of all the 3 we need for only RM 53.00 promotion ends today NP: RM 58.90

I also got a bunch of other normal stuff I use everyday. Oh Oh...I also got Ikhwan a face wash by Simple. They have for men now! Simple I trust ! Hopefully it would work out on Ikhwan's face.Not like he has breakout problems. Actually his face hardly breaks out too. Just like me :) eeew I sounded so tacky. Anyways, never wrong to keep em' clean 

And the other thing I bought for the first time ever in my life is Redoxon. Since a long time ago I have always wanted to take this vitamin C for health, glowy skin etc but I always never really bothered. But for now, I gotsta keep my complexion glowing until the day we say "I DO" so...yeah! Guardian again had a promotion. Usually per box of 30 tablets is RM 40.00 but now they have a pack of 3 boxes for RM 100 and the best part is you get back RM 5.00 voucher for every RM 50.00 spent on a single receipt. So yeay me!! Hopefully the Redoxon is as effective as they say it is.

My Hada Labo

Ikhwan's SIMPLE face wash

Our Redoxon

Shopping Spree

At 11 am I received a cute text from Ikhwan asking me out on a date...hahaha!! He wanted to see the ring on my finger for himself! So, I got all excited and said yes yes yes lets go out started jumping, rushed to shower and waited for him to pick me up. As I entered the car, I have NO IDEA why, but I suddenly felt very shy. Don't laugh at me okay! Shy and all cause I am finally wearing THE ring.

Watched Jack and Jill yesterday with Ikhwan, Alif and Nurul at One Utama. I found it hilarious. Couldn't stop laughing. However, we were pretty upset cause Rob Schneider was not in any of the scenes at all. That's the first! Anyway, after the movie, we went...wait for it....wait for it....SHOPPING !! for my work clothes obviously *tsk tsk*

So, me being a person who dislikes shopping was hardly excited. Lucky me, Nurul was available and the boys too. She helped pick out all the clothes and the boys either gave thumbs up or down. In the end, I managed to buy 3 new dresses, 1 new blazer jacket thingy, and 1 pair of slacks. All from Nichii *Pheeww*

My Jacket Blazer thingy

Dress No 1

Dress No 2

Dress No 3

All the clothes

PS: SORRY for the bad photography. Haven't got a good camera yet

Sunday, 1 January 2012


Updated: I'm sorry I forgot to mention a big thank you to all my family members for helping out and attending my function and making it all happen. And a HUGE shout out to my older sister SARAH HANI for the hair and make-up which made me glow and to my younger sister DIANAH for helping Hani too. Thank you!! 

Today is a new chapter of a new beginning of a new year,for Ikhwan and me. Yes !! The merisik went well. Ikhwan's family came, and they brought tepak sireh, asked for my hand in marriage from my family. All agreed and his mom wore the ring for me as a symbol of agreement. My Merisik went smoothly and this new day of the new year couldn't get any better than today.

Well, when the groom side arrived, I was upstairs in my room peeping through my window and panicking. I snuck down quietly and stood at the staircase and heard the whole thing happen. The conversations, the pantuns, the laughings etc.Then my elder sister came to me and I knew, it was my turn. I had to look down and control my laughter. And pretend to be all shy and innocent. It was hard!!! I am normally loud and very noisy indeed. So today, I toned down a lot. Shocker !! Then Ikhwan's mom (in Malay tradition, the groom-to-be does not attend the Merisik ceremony. The future MIL will wear the ring on the bride-to-be's finger) wore the ring on my finger which is so gorgeous by the way, and after that, the ceremony was done. And everyone was invited to dig in!!

We had some high tea served. Roti Jala which my sister and me made this morning. 250 pieces okay...We also served some fried noodles with chicken curry. And obviously desserts. It was *sigh* a huge relief. The scariest part for me was today. Only because it is the first time ever our parents will be meeting after all these years we have been seeing each other.
I am very happy it all went well. 

Tepak Sireh with Bunga Melur

Ikhwan's Parents

Groom entourage

Both Families meeting and discussing

Ikhwan's mom wearing me the ring

My mommy and Ikhwan's mommy

Ladies from both families

"If you like it then you should put a ring on it" wohooooo

My Pre-Engagement ring