Monday, 12 December 2011

Wish upon a star

I feel so happy and lucky and blessed today. You know, previously, Ikhwan's mom kept questioning when do we plan to get married and every single time she asks me that, I would always answer the same thing. Not yet...waiting to be stable financially first. And without a doubt, his parents would reply me back, marriage is a blessing. Don't hold it back too long. Great things will come along the way once you have a blessed marriage. 

Ever since Ikhwan and me announced that we are ready to get married, seriously, I am not exaggerating, tremendous wonderful great things have been happening to the both of us. Like suddenly, all our wishes, hopes and dreams are coming true. It was a blessing when we announced we wanted to tie the knot. 

Maybe it is true what they say. Things will eventually fall in place when you do the right things. I think it's just the matter of who dares to take the leap and who is holding back. Because of all these great happenings for Ikhwan and me, I have made a promise to fast for 3 days as a thank you to god. For giving us what we have always longed for or chased after and many more in the upcoming years of our lives together. A better tomorrow and better future. Amin!

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