Monday, 5 December 2011

Sunday Funday

So on Sunday morning, Ikhwan, myself and our friend Alif & Nurul met up at Lake Garden for some exercise session. More like chilling session. We played badminton like for half an hour then sat on the bench while snacking and talking about anything and everything while eating Tuna Sandwich prepared by Nurul and sausages by me.

After a long tiring morning of exercising, the 4 of us decided to head to Pavilion. Ikhwan was making a big fuss about how they should try Ochada Pearl Drink. So everyone was all geared up. Pavilion was so packed. We headed straight to Tokyo Street to get ourselves the drink. Ikhwan and me recommended our favourite Grape Yogurt Alo Vera drink to them but Alif was like "ooh I hate yogurt" so they ordered Oreo Ice Blended with pearls. Obviously when our drink came, we forced them to try ours. And Alif was so impressed with the taste of our drink he was upset with his. Hahaha....Told you to order like us.

Went to Stadium wanted to get me some exercise gear  instead, I ended up buying 2 bags. They were half off. One for me to use for gym and the other for my younger sister a "back-to-school" bag...which she loves by the way! Oh we had Manhattan Fish Market for lunch. Now that was a hilarious part of the day. Ikhwan is so fussy about food and when these guys suggested the fish place I knew Ikhwan will be facing some trouble. But him being as sweet as he always is said no worries. He is fine with eating there. Well, obviously Ikhwan ordered Pasta and we forced him to eat some of the seafood platter thingy we ordered and he almost puked. My lovely honey bunny is so adorable! I love him!! 

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