Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Start of something new

I did it...submitted my tender at my current company as I landed an awesome new job with a big well known company who offered me a higher pay with fabulous benefits. My CEO was so kind enough to extend me guardian leave for the entire month of my notice. That means I don't have to work during my tender but the company is paying me. Fantastic!! He said " a short rest for you before entering your new job!" How thoughtful.

I mean when else can a full time working person get paid leave for a whole month without being sick or pregnant ? I get to relax , catch up on my sleep, exercise and the most important thing is, this gives me great opportunity to do surveys and shopping for my upcoming engagement...Now you know what my great news of me feeling blessed was all about. Ikhwan's story on his current success ?? Sorry still won't be blogging about his personal life here.  Well not for now at least. Until he gives me the green light obviously. But I am dying to share his news with ya'all.

Bid my farewells with all my subordinates just now and everyone thought I was joking at first until they looked over my desk and saw my autographed Anna Kournikova picture posted on my desk missing. Then, they believed it was not "horse-shit"..That's the word we use in the office. It was sad leaving everyone behind...Had our goodbye hugs and then chilled in the office for a while so I could have my last lunch with my 2 close friends in the office.

I am honestly going to miss them the most. All the silly fun times we had in the office. Running around barefooted and getting yelled at for laughing and talking too much. It was our playground. Those were the best memories I had within my office. But we made a promise to still keep in touch on a monthly basis for our sushi dinners and gossip sessions. The bright side is my new office and the current one ain't that far apart. So that means we can still hang out. 

Oh well, I am looking at the bright side. New job, new environment, new people and most importantly, new challenges ahead. Lucky I have this whole month to take a nice long break. Hope I won't feel too relaxed by the time I start my new job in 2012 ..Ikhwan says it's a great way for me to concentrate on losing weight and toning up. I think so too.  *sigh*...Holiday...here I come!!


  1. Hehhe I get paid leave ALL the time,yes I do! 3 months every year *envy tak*, so yeah... lets join in my side of fun!Anyway, congrats on your new job. :)

  2. Ala...teachers not counted la :(
    thank you aunty aniq!!