Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmas Dinner

Sorry...I know it's a bit too late to be posting bout Christmas. But this is what I did on Dec 25th 2011. My older sister invited Ikhwan and me over to her place for dinner. This year, she invited ONLY couples, since last year was my entire family. 

Anyway, she made Turkey, potatoes and salad. Delicious! And obviously I made my famous Spicy Olio pasta which everyone loves so much and my ultimate famous blueberry cheesecake as dessert! Yes! I make the best cheesecake to what I have tasted and obviously the compliments I get when people take a bite of it..."yumm oh my god Tas!!! good!! " . I managed to snap pictures before the guests arrived. But nobody wanted take a picture of me! So mean!!

The dinner table

The centre piece of the table.TURKEY!!

From left : Dianah, Ikhwan, Sarah , Marish (my sisters husband)

Door gift for every couple. Rosemary Herbs

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