Monday, 12 December 2011

Plan B

Just came back from my Aunt's place for a meeting in regards to my merisik which will be taking place this coming January 1st 2012...It's so near...Getting all excited!! Anyway, during this meeting we came to alot of decisions and one of it which is so sad is that I can't use black and white as my theme colour. My grandparents and aunty was not pleased with the colour BLACK. They say lets keep black for mourning and not your happy occasion like this.

Then my cute grandmother added "Kim Kardashian's wedding black right?? See she ended up in a divorce" was surprised she knew that information. Then she added again on how Maya Karin (Malaysian Celebrity) also did black and white also ended up in a divorce...It's bad luck! Can't lie that that information didn't scare me a lil bit on the engagement being jinxed and all. So final decision is...NO black and white. So I asked them to suggest a colour and my aunty got up and said "wait"....and she walked away.

"Tasneem..." she yelled from the kitchen. "There you go...I have these flower arrangements you can use for your engagement" It was gorgeous....And looked really fancy. Colour?? Pastel GREEN and PINK. I assume it's from my cousin's previous wedding. But who cares....It is still in good condition and it's beautiful. guessed it. Pastel GREEN and PINK for the dulangs. Phew...I am so gonna save on the flower arrangements now that I have these to use.

As for my dulang girls, I am still figuring out what colour they should wear. If it is up to me, I don't really care. It doesn't have to be all synchronized but it would be better if they were. So what idea I came up with is I informed all the 7 girls to inform me what colour Baju Kurung they own already and I am pretty confident they will all own one same colour and that shall be the colour they all wear. I am not really particular in their outfits matching the dulang decorations. It's just a small engagement with close family. To me, which ever way we can save money, would be the best choice or option. 

Oh least some of it is done for now...Just have to buy the hantaran stuff now and also come up with the decorations for the house. Now that...would have to suit my dulang decorations. EASY task now that I have a finalized colour. Yeay me!! Am so excited now that I have some of the stuff in my hands. Shows that it is really happening sooner than I know. 

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