Friday, 23 December 2011

New Stuff

With the merisik happening exactly in 9 days (January 1st 2012), my mother has been doing so many great changes to the home furniture, decorations etc. Thank you mommy!! She bought a new set of dining table (the old one was horrid) ,and she also unpacked a whole lot of our old chandeliers and got an electrician to hang them up to make the hall area look even more presentable.

The hall area looks much nicer than we first moved in which was like was 2 years ago. She unpacked so many cool cute decorations and hung them on the walls. It really is coming to life now! I can feel it in my bones. Also, just now, my aunt, baby Farah, mommy and Dianah went to survey for hantaran decorations etc. I finally found nice glass vases for my candies for the buffet. Affordable.And now I finally have a rough idea on the entire function. We surveyed at this new mall at Setapak called Festival Mall and at level 3, there is this store called Kaison (I think) but it starts with a K and you can't miss it. They carry beautiful artificial flowers as well as containers for the hantaran which cost RM 10 each. However, those containers do look very cheap and flimsy. So...NO!!

I am so excited and am literally counting down the days till my merisik ceremony takes place. Then, once that is done, Ikhwan and me will seriously start hunting for our hantaran items and we plan to complete it all before the 6th of January since I will be starting my new job on January the 9th. Yeay !!! *jumping with joy*

The New Lights

When lights are off

New 8 seater dining table

My art work that I painted! Yes!! I PAINTED IT


  1. hi dear,please share pics with us,wanne see the new furniture..hehe