Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Here and there

I'm home!! Had the most hectic weekend and finally am home just today. Had my laptop with me but was too busy and tired to make any entries or anything. Recap of my wonderful long weekend. 

Had the ultimate best time with Ikhwan. Headed to Shah Alam to find for the famous soto as seen on Warung Kita which was located in Shah Alam Section 8, Jalan Liku. Oh dear god! The both of us found it after 2 whole hours. Finally reached there. Ordered each a bowl. Took the first mouth and we looked at each other and said we were going to order each another bowl. We ended up eating 2 bowls of Soto each. Was affordable. The total bill came to RM 19.00 including our drinks. That's 4 bowls of Soto and 2 drinks. Cheap right? Anyway, it was definitely worth it. Might be going there for the weekend again.

Then met up with Alif and Nurul at Subang to attend a friend of ours wedding. We spent the night at their house since Ikhwan was too exhausted to drop me home after dropping them off to their own homes. Stayed up late night after the wedding watching some ghost movie on Astro.Then at 8 am we pushed off from their place as they too had to go to work. Reached my home area by 9am (Ikhwan was so smart in finding roads to avoid the traffic), had breakfast and he sent me off.

At 10 am my aunt dropped her baby Farah over to me to babysit since she had some urgent matters to take care off in Putrajaya. So babysat Farah and luckily she is such an easy baby to watch after. Gave her milk, and she dozed off on my bed and obviously I slept off too next to her. At 3pm my aunt called and said she was on the way to my place to pick Farah up. My younger sister and me followed my aunt back to her place and spent the night there. Took Farah for swimming in the evening and then relaxed in her apartment all night.

Today, woke up only at 12 noon, had "breakfast" and chilled around. At 3pm dropped my cousins off to their whatever activities and the 3 of us went to the saloon and got our hair done. My aunt coloured her entire head and my younger sister did highlights which she hated and wasted my money for it. She came home took black hair dye and coloured her hair back!!  Me?? Oh no way!! I was babysitting Farah in the saloon as these ladies had their hair done. Then came home. Best part was no one was there to open the door for us. Dad was having his shower and couldn't hear the bell. So we waited outside the house for half an hour. My aunt was chilling in my place and at 11pm she made a move.  What a hectic weekend! Plus weekday!!

Ikhwan & me at our friends wedding

Alif & Nurul at our friends wedding

Congratulations Ford!! Ford & his new wife

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