Monday, 26 December 2011


I just get so stressed out whenever we start discussing about the guest list. When I say we, I mean my parents and I. It is so annoying when your parents wanna invite the least important people to the function and exclude the most important people out. Like oh my god!

No offence to those reading but I am pretty sure in EVERY family out there, there is someone related to you, let it be far or near, that you either like or dislike. This is where the communication breakdown begins. Why should he/she be invited ?? And then one of us voice out say yes!must be invited or NO....I don't want them coming.

This has been THE biggest argument and worst part to discuss with my parents. My dad wants to invite so and so and my mom would think oh no... so and so is not important to call and then I would bud in no...I hate so and so or yes, I want so and so to be there. It is giving me a huge headache. How I wish I could invite anyone I want to invite since it is technically my function. I did mention that to my mom and you know what she snapped back? "You can do that if you have your own house! Now it is at MY house so shut up and get lost meaning get out from the dining room or go watch TV. Mean!!!

Having a last discussion at my aunt's place later since the merisik is taking place this Sunday! Yes!! This Sunday!! And I am starting to feel nervous. Seriously..Not cause I will be a step closer to being Ikhwan's fiancé and wife *smiles like an idiot*. But because this Sunday will be the FIRST time my parents and his parents would meet. The FIRST time after Ikhwan and me have been dating for the past 4 years and 10 months. 

I just hope and wish and pray so hard that everything will go smoothly and everyone will get along with everyone and like each other and laugh and talk and eat all happily!! Wish me luck peeps!! FIRST time meeting...Oh dear god!!

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