Saturday, 10 December 2011


Yes!!  It was finally my birthday on the 9th of December. I turned...wait for it...wait for it....24. How did my birthday start? Well well..after work at 2pm, Ikhwan picked me up and....jeng jeng jeng....PAR-TAY! Well not really party party but we partied!

We went to Curve for the ultimate favourite burger of mine which comes only once a year! On my birthday of course (hey last year also okay) THE PROSPERITY BURGER by McDonald's. Yummmy!! After feeling prosperous, Ikhwan and me went to the cinema and got our movie tickets. MY CHOICE of movie!! Obviously I chose...THE NEW YEARS EVE which was totally awesome by the way..Seriously, you gotsta watch the movie. It's so sad and funny and Zac Efron is so damn fine!! Oh yeah..back to my birthday.

So while waiting for the movie to start, we walked around laughing, talking , doing silly weird stuff...No nothing like what you're imagining. It's more like...*blush* we talk crap and do silly things which entertains us okay. 

Oh I forgot the most important part of the story...Since 2 weeks ago, Ikhwan mentioned that  he had a Birthday surprise for me and I have been bugging his soul for a clue or even a hint. And finally 9th December arrived and I was still bugging him all day. At 7.15pm we left and rushed to the secret location, as he said we are gonna be late for our reservation! I started annoying him again in the car obviously. Was listing every possible thing that came to my mind. On where the dinner would be.

The car drove into Restaurant Nelayan at Tasik Titiwangsa....SEAFOOD!! I have never been there. I got so freaking excited. And then *bam* I saw his entire lovely family and they yelled out Happy Birthday!! Even Fara and Nia (Ikhwan's 2 younger brothers girlfriends) were there. I was.... I was stunned, excited, happy and also very touched. The whole family of his came to celebrate MY Birthday. 

During dinner, we were all laughing, picking on one another, joking around and just enjoying every second together. I kept eating prawns and prawns and crabs and crabs...Never touched any other thing but Crab an Prawns...Enjoyed it. Then Ikhwan's dad came to my side and handed me a birthday card with everyone's signature and sweet messages for me. I didn't expect anything else. I mean the dinner was expensive. 

Ikhwan's dad suddenly pulled out a present nicely wrapped up with ribbon. I seriously did not expect any presents nor did I wish for them but...I ripped open the gift and it was an organizer for 2012...with a pen and calculator attached in the organizer. Sorry guys but I am an organizer freak!!! I love organizers...the pretty ones with hard cover and every little detail for you to write in. *sigh* I love my organizer. Thank you uncle!! Somehow it made me feel like an adult...I mean getting the organizer as a gift... not that I am un-organized. I am too organized that's why I love my diary.

Then Nia gave me her present. Also I was not expecting anything from them. She gave me this gorgeous candle holder and whispered something to my ear. The purpose of the gift. Sorry is more 18sx so can't share it here...Thanks Nia for the perfect gift for the perfect occasion..*wink wink*. Fara too pulled out her present. A to-die-for classic type of Photo Album. It's not your ordinary type of photo album. I'm talking bout ....don't know how to explain..see the pictures below.

It was fantastic. Couldn't ask for a better birthday. Why it was so meaningful was the fact that Ikhwan and me are not engaged officially yet neither are we married yet. Yeah we have been together for 4 years 9 months but the fact that his entire family came to surprise me at dinner for my birthday...was a shocker and the thoughtful. Makes me feel like.....darn it.. there are no words to describe how I felt last night. 

Thank you my love, Ikhwan for the ultimate best gift ever...And obviously thank you to his wonderful family for celebrating my birthday with me. And the presents....A big add on to end my celebration. I love you Ikhwan Sha!!

Ikhwan & Me

My Plate

The Card


  Nia whispering the present to me!   
 Nia's Candle Holder

Photo Album from Fara & Aie

His beautiful Parents

 The Family  

The Ladies

His parents & us

 From Left : Nia,Me,Fara 

    From Left : Nia, Fara, Aunty Maria, Amira (Ikhwan's younger sister) & Me


  1. You turning 24 this year. Same age as me. Happy belated birthday! :D

  2. thank you for the bday wish Delila

  3. Like your writing style. Very entertaining! Cute photos too!!

    from atlanta, xoxo