Saturday, 3 December 2011

Joy Ride

Had an absolute funny and fantastic date last night. Worked finished at 3pm and I quickly headed to the gym. Met Ikhwan there. Did painful 3 hours work out and then straight to Pavilion for our date! We were starving and since I was on a diet, we had subway...yummy

After dinner, went to our favourite pearl tea parlour, got our favourite drink and rushed to the cinema. Watched Breaking Dawn. Funny thing happened in the cinema. The chair I was sitting on broke. It was already broken not because I am fat. Anyway, I called the cinema people and they pretended to fix it and just left like idiots who didn't care about me...Ikhwan, being all Ikhwan-ish said it's okay forget it he will sit there while I enjoy my movie. Love him!!

During the movie,I realized there were two empty sits next to us. I suggested we sat there. Ikhwan was like no no I'm very comfortable and bla-di-bla. But you know what?? During the entire movie, our friend was holding his weight with his arms...he was half sitting on the chair. What a pity!! And funny too cause I suggested we change sits and he refused. So he kept complaining his arms were hurting and I assumed it was cause we just came back from working out. But's due to holding half his weight.

No wonder through out the movie he kept checking the time. He was waiting for it to finish so he won't have to do what he was doing. After the movie which was so bloody awesome by the way, we went to Subang and met our friends Aliff and Nurul. Have not seen them for 3 months now so had a lot of catching up to do. 

In the car on the way to them, Ikhwan and I were too distracted with the CD he burnt. GREASE Soundtrack. How could we resist it? I was so hyper singing dancing jumping in the car. It was so hilarious. Had so much fun with him. *sigh*...Headed back at 3 am and slept off. Too tired to do anything. Overall I would say another dating session which went great with my lovely hot gorgeous man. No he did not pay me to type that.

The best movie ever

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