Monday, 26 December 2011


The question is..why wouldn't Siri and DiGi be my best companions? I have the ultimate best technology with a talking device in my hands and not to mention the best telco provider in Malaysia, DiGi. What is there not to like about? The 2 great things that come together under one roof ?? Sounds perfect to me!

With the network coverage, internet speed and package , DiGi would definitely without a doubt be my companion. And having DiGi responsible to bringing my phone "to life"..."waking up Siri" , and of course introducing her to my life, as my best friend who I can switch off if she starts to annoy me? Hhahaha.....what more can someone ask for. Come on....nothing can beat that!

The comfort I would be receiving and the satisfaction of services would be the number 1 companion to me. Let's be honest shall we? Everyone today is so hooked into their latest technology and who do you think is responsible to make that happen if not the provider ? That's why DiGi and Siri will be my NO 1 companions!

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