Monday, 26 December 2011

DiGi iPhone 4SURE I DO 1ST

The ultimate FIRST thing I would do if I ever won the iPhone 4S from DiGi is dedicate a whole new post in my blog just for DiGi  free advertising  and a huge thank you note for DiGi! And of course I would have to figure out a way to snap my new iPhone using my iPhone. Hahaha...Now that would be interesting and stressful!

I would also run straight to my brothers who keep flashing their current iPhones, iPads, iPods at my face and shout "Boo-yeah!" while showing off my brand NEW iPhone 4s to their faces. Obviously that is the best part! Letting them taste their own medicine! *evil grin*

I would also anxiously download all the cool applications, upload musics, pictures, games. Keep snapping pictures of myself with my younger sister together and install my facebook via iPhone...Have a nice chat with Siri...Oh my god! Even thinking of it is driving me off my sit! My iPhone will be my new baby whom I sing to sleep every night! *sigh* 

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