Monday, 26 December 2011

DiGi iPhone 4SURE 4 ME

I seriously wish I could get my hands on the latest iPhone 4s. I mean who wouldn't right? All this time, I have NEVER owned a smart phone before and I am surrounded by people who keep flashing their smart phones in my face. 

Why do I want the iPhone 4s? Well, obviously everyone will be answering about the features etc but not me. I am speaking directly from my heart. Please don't judge me okay? Have you ever wanted to fit in the crowd by owning the coolest technology available but just can't seem to afford it ? Well, maybe not that dramatic where I can't afford it. But, feel like that money will be better spent on necessity instead of my  wants and desires? 

I have never owned anything this valuable in my life. Never. And winning something this awesome and cool would just be the icing on my perfect ending of 2011. I want the iPhone 4s because I think I deserve a smart phone. I need a smart phone who can talk with me like Siri can!And after this, I can have the internet at my fingertips and finally my blog will have plenty of clear, nice pictures that I can snap with MY new iPhone 4S. Hahahaha....Pick me!! Thank you DiGi...

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