Monday, 26 December 2011


I have decided to invest in a good camera. That way I can update loads of pictures on my blog. I honestly don't own a camera and most of the pictures you see are from my mobile and I am using a lopek (retarded) mobile. Unlike some with high tech.... dunno 10 mega pixels.

Anyway, I am an idiot with no clue when it comes to technology. Especially cameras. Yes I do have brilliant cousins whom I can refer to if I wanna buy a laptop or mobile phone. But camera?? No one. So to those reading this can you all be so kind and help me recommend a camera? 

Basically I want a simple cheap (I hate to waste money) fine not cheap! Affordable camera where it has cool features which takes nice pictures. And of course is good enough for a freshie like me to use. I hate cameras which is too high tech with so many buttons. I want something simple yet beneficial and affordable.

Please help me!! Ikhwan who is good in photography is recommending me to by the photographer type of camera. He says it is a good one time investment but lets be serious. I am not the kind of girl who wants to carry an extra camera bag on the left side of my shoulders when I am going out. I want a cute camera which I can pop into my handbag and carry with me at all times.  Help me!! Thank you!


  1. My hubby just got me a Canon S100. Otherwise you could buy off me my old Leica C-Lux. Comes with two batteries and a charger. And still in its original box. RM1000.

  2. Thanks for the offer. Will consider it.

  3. Saw your "about me" sounds interesting. Do you have a website that I can check out? TQ