Friday, 30 December 2011

Breath of Fresh Air

Been pretty busy doing last minute cleaning up for the event on this Sunday....THIS Sunday !! Omg!! I'm seriously so excited and a lil terrified....Anyway, yesterday somehow was a wonderful relaxing day. So after the gym, Ikhwan and me had lunch then went back to my place to help take down some of the carpets, and do some heavy lifting. My brothers are useless in helping

Once all that was done, Ikhwan and me were chilling outside the house area just talking. Talking...about our future, our plans, our current goals which have not been achieved. The air was clean, wind blowing coolly. The breeze running through my hair, and having Ikhwan by my side talking about US was so perfect. Like somehow during that moment, the world like disappeared. I felt like it was just Ikhwan and me and no one else existed. Have you ever felt like that before? The silence around us. All I could hear was just his voice and mine. And NO one else.

Then Ikhwan suggested we go for a drive within my neighbourhood and check out houses and ideas for our home next time. And when we passed Dato' Siti Nurhaliza's house, we stopped and looked in. Hoping to spot her just walking pass one of the many windows. We saw so many houses. Gorgeous houses. And in the car Ikhwan was talking and talking and talking and I was listening listening listening to his beautiful voice trying to make a point on something got to do with bumpers and springs and I dunno. I was just trying to figure out what message he is trying to send behind all that talk. And every time I say I don't get it he adds another bumper to his sentence.

I love him so much. I am the luckiest person ever to have found him and now soon being engaged to him, than marry him. Call me tacky or whatever you wish to but I do believe I am living in a fairy tale and I will have my Happily Ever After ending. All the drama in my life is just like all the villains in every single fairy-tale. I have found my prince charming. Let's just hope that there is a Happily Ever After for him and me !

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