Friday, 16 December 2011

Baby Genius

Had the funnest day ever! My aunt asked my younger sister and me to babysit her baby Farah and we were so excited! She had some work seminar to attend so...Tasneem to the rescue! Farah is such a happy cute adorable little baby...Can't get enough of her! We played with her like she was a life size doll and eventually she got so tired she slept throughout the night and according to my aunt, she has never seen her baby this tired! I guess we really did it to the maximum with her! How can we not ? She is freaking adorable. You can tell from my previous post 

At 8am, my aunt and Farah waltzed into my room and interrupted my sleep. And I honestly have never seen any baby who smiles and laughs as much as she does. Even right after waking up from bed. My mom purposely pretended to scold her and she would just laugh or smile back. How can a person not get attached to this adorable 6 month old baby? 

Today she tried baby biscuits for the first time. Every time we adults would be eating, Farah would just stare at us and move her mouth like as if she was chewing food. It's so sad and pitiful so, I bought her Heinz baby biscuits. She LOVED it. She practically gobbled the whole thing within minutes and she was so bouncy and excited until I had to hold the biscuit because from the looks of it, it's like she was going to choke herself to death. Farah finished the entire biscuit. *smile*

Oh we also brought Farah for swimming. Again...her first time. The way she was enjoying the water was just breath taking. We are planning to take her again this coming Monday and this time, I am gonna let her swim swim....Hope my aunt is not reading this! Blek!! Can't wait to see her reaction on Monday. Oh...and she also has this new habit where whenever she takes a shower, she would stick her tongue out to taste the water and then choke and cough *melts* I love her so much! I miss her already! Sadly, I did not manage to get any pictures of her this time cause I refused to let her go. Carried her all day and gave her sloppy kisses.

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