Friday, 30 December 2011

Goodbye 2011

What have YOU done in 2011 ?? Well....this is what I did! Take a looksie....

Breath of Fresh Air

Been pretty busy doing last minute cleaning up for the event on this Sunday....THIS Sunday !! Omg!! I'm seriously so excited and a lil terrified....Anyway, yesterday somehow was a wonderful relaxing day. So after the gym, Ikhwan and me had lunch then went back to my place to help take down some of the carpets, and do some heavy lifting. My brothers are useless in helping

Once all that was done, Ikhwan and me were chilling outside the house area just talking. Talking...about our future, our plans, our current goals which have not been achieved. The air was clean, wind blowing coolly. The breeze running through my hair, and having Ikhwan by my side talking about US was so perfect. Like somehow during that moment, the world like disappeared. I felt like it was just Ikhwan and me and no one else existed. Have you ever felt like that before? The silence around us. All I could hear was just his voice and mine. And NO one else.

Then Ikhwan suggested we go for a drive within my neighbourhood and check out houses and ideas for our home next time. And when we passed Dato' Siti Nurhaliza's house, we stopped and looked in. Hoping to spot her just walking pass one of the many windows. We saw so many houses. Gorgeous houses. And in the car Ikhwan was talking and talking and talking and I was listening listening listening to his beautiful voice trying to make a point on something got to do with bumpers and springs and I dunno. I was just trying to figure out what message he is trying to send behind all that talk. And every time I say I don't get it he adds another bumper to his sentence.

I love him so much. I am the luckiest person ever to have found him and now soon being engaged to him, than marry him. Call me tacky or whatever you wish to but I do believe I am living in a fairy tale and I will have my Happily Ever After ending. All the drama in my life is just like all the villains in every single fairy-tale. I have found my prince charming. Let's just hope that there is a Happily Ever After for him and me !

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmas Dinner

Sorry...I know it's a bit too late to be posting bout Christmas. But this is what I did on Dec 25th 2011. My older sister invited Ikhwan and me over to her place for dinner. This year, she invited ONLY couples, since last year was my entire family. 

Anyway, she made Turkey, potatoes and salad. Delicious! And obviously I made my famous Spicy Olio pasta which everyone loves so much and my ultimate famous blueberry cheesecake as dessert! Yes! I make the best cheesecake to what I have tasted and obviously the compliments I get when people take a bite of it..."yumm oh my god Tas!!! good!! " . I managed to snap pictures before the guests arrived. But nobody wanted take a picture of me! So mean!!

The dinner table

The centre piece of the table.TURKEY!!

From left : Dianah, Ikhwan, Sarah , Marish (my sisters husband)

Door gift for every couple. Rosemary Herbs

Monday, 26 December 2011


I have decided to invest in a good camera. That way I can update loads of pictures on my blog. I honestly don't own a camera and most of the pictures you see are from my mobile and I am using a lopek (retarded) mobile. Unlike some with high tech.... dunno 10 mega pixels.

Anyway, I am an idiot with no clue when it comes to technology. Especially cameras. Yes I do have brilliant cousins whom I can refer to if I wanna buy a laptop or mobile phone. But camera?? No one. So to those reading this can you all be so kind and help me recommend a camera? 

Basically I want a simple cheap (I hate to waste money) fine not cheap! Affordable camera where it has cool features which takes nice pictures. And of course is good enough for a freshie like me to use. I hate cameras which is too high tech with so many buttons. I want something simple yet beneficial and affordable.

Please help me!! Ikhwan who is good in photography is recommending me to by the photographer type of camera. He says it is a good one time investment but lets be serious. I am not the kind of girl who wants to carry an extra camera bag on the left side of my shoulders when I am going out. I want a cute camera which I can pop into my handbag and carry with me at all times.  Help me!! Thank you!


The question is..why wouldn't Siri and DiGi be my best companions? I have the ultimate best technology with a talking device in my hands and not to mention the best telco provider in Malaysia, DiGi. What is there not to like about? The 2 great things that come together under one roof ?? Sounds perfect to me!

With the network coverage, internet speed and package , DiGi would definitely without a doubt be my companion. And having DiGi responsible to bringing my phone "to life"..."waking up Siri" , and of course introducing her to my life, as my best friend who I can switch off if she starts to annoy me? Hhahaha.....what more can someone ask for. Come on....nothing can beat that!

The comfort I would be receiving and the satisfaction of services would be the number 1 companion to me. Let's be honest shall we? Everyone today is so hooked into their latest technology and who do you think is responsible to make that happen if not the provider ? That's why DiGi and Siri will be my NO 1 companions!

DiGi iPhone 4SURE I DO 1ST

The ultimate FIRST thing I would do if I ever won the iPhone 4S from DiGi is dedicate a whole new post in my blog just for DiGi  free advertising  and a huge thank you note for DiGi! And of course I would have to figure out a way to snap my new iPhone using my iPhone. Hahaha...Now that would be interesting and stressful!

I would also run straight to my brothers who keep flashing their current iPhones, iPads, iPods at my face and shout "Boo-yeah!" while showing off my brand NEW iPhone 4s to their faces. Obviously that is the best part! Letting them taste their own medicine! *evil grin*

I would also anxiously download all the cool applications, upload musics, pictures, games. Keep snapping pictures of myself with my younger sister together and install my facebook via iPhone...Have a nice chat with Siri...Oh my god! Even thinking of it is driving me off my sit! My iPhone will be my new baby whom I sing to sleep every night! *sigh* 

DiGi iPhone 4SURE 4 ME

I seriously wish I could get my hands on the latest iPhone 4s. I mean who wouldn't right? All this time, I have NEVER owned a smart phone before and I am surrounded by people who keep flashing their smart phones in my face. 

Why do I want the iPhone 4s? Well, obviously everyone will be answering about the features etc but not me. I am speaking directly from my heart. Please don't judge me okay? Have you ever wanted to fit in the crowd by owning the coolest technology available but just can't seem to afford it ? Well, maybe not that dramatic where I can't afford it. But, feel like that money will be better spent on necessity instead of my  wants and desires? 

I have never owned anything this valuable in my life. Never. And winning something this awesome and cool would just be the icing on my perfect ending of 2011. I want the iPhone 4s because I think I deserve a smart phone. I need a smart phone who can talk with me like Siri can!And after this, I can have the internet at my fingertips and finally my blog will have plenty of clear, nice pictures that I can snap with MY new iPhone 4S. Hahahaha....Pick me!! Thank you DiGi...


Going crazy about Siri ?? Want to own one yourself ?? Well fret no more! iPhone 4S has finally arrived in Malaysia....Now, the big question! Who should I subscribe the plan under? So many competitors with so many different packages and benefits. 

Guess what! I can help you decide! It's DiGi for as low as RM 55 per month......After going through tremendous researches, I finally came to a great conclusion that DiGi is currently offering the most affordable package available for you iPhone-manias. 

1. You can BUY ONLINE and you will get FREE DELIVERY to your doorstep. How cool is that! Imagine saving the time and energy and the hassle going out.
2. A RM 100 waiver for administration fee.
3. RM 1400 rebate (RM200 off RRP, RM1200 rebates including)
4.  A 30-day FREE trial for DiGiMusic™ Play
5. Available in instalment purchase, an easy payment plan just for you

What more can you ask for? Go to your nearest DiGi TODAY! Better yet just log on to DiGi's website and with just one click, Siri could be on her way to you! What are you waiting for!! For more info please click here


I just get so stressed out whenever we start discussing about the guest list. When I say we, I mean my parents and I. It is so annoying when your parents wanna invite the least important people to the function and exclude the most important people out. Like oh my god!

No offence to those reading but I am pretty sure in EVERY family out there, there is someone related to you, let it be far or near, that you either like or dislike. This is where the communication breakdown begins. Why should he/she be invited ?? And then one of us voice out say yes!must be invited or NO....I don't want them coming.

This has been THE biggest argument and worst part to discuss with my parents. My dad wants to invite so and so and my mom would think oh no... so and so is not important to call and then I would bud in no...I hate so and so or yes, I want so and so to be there. It is giving me a huge headache. How I wish I could invite anyone I want to invite since it is technically my function. I did mention that to my mom and you know what she snapped back? "You can do that if you have your own house! Now it is at MY house so shut up and get lost meaning get out from the dining room or go watch TV. Mean!!!

Having a last discussion at my aunt's place later since the merisik is taking place this Sunday! Yes!! This Sunday!! And I am starting to feel nervous. Seriously..Not cause I will be a step closer to being Ikhwan's fiancé and wife *smiles like an idiot*. But because this Sunday will be the FIRST time my parents and his parents would meet. The FIRST time after Ikhwan and me have been dating for the past 4 years and 10 months. 

I just hope and wish and pray so hard that everything will go smoothly and everyone will get along with everyone and like each other and laugh and talk and eat all happily!! Wish me luck peeps!! FIRST time meeting...Oh dear god!!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Churp Churp

Hey guys...I recently came across Churp Churp. What is Churp Churp? Well,if you are the kind who loves to share all the latest happenings with your buddies or readers out there, you have come to the right place. Let's cut it short. You can make money when people click on the news/links etc that you share around!Also, as a member of their website, you stand a chance to win many great fantastic prizes...
 So what are you waiting for? 

tweet bird speakers

Click here to register
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Next, they will guide you through 4 very simple steps. Just follow
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A warm thank you for those who clicked on my link above to register for Churp Churp! Good luck to you!! Love ya...

Blog Award

Came across Nuffnang's blog award post which was recently held at Putrajaya Marriot. They posted the pictures of the occasion for us readers to view. And it looked fabulous. Wish I was invited for it. Guess I must be a top blogger to be invited to all these then. *sigh* ...It's okay are new to the blogging world.

I went through the blog winners and you know what? Their blogs are so exciting...I mean...I didn't even realize I was up till 4.30 am reading through Xiauxue's blog since she took home THE ultimate blog award. I read from her first entries back in 2003 and boy, I could see the difference in her writing as how she matured in life and words. She has been blogging for 8 years! Seriously check out her blog! I am still not done reading ALL her entries.

Wonder how they find all the time to snap pictures and post every detail up in their blogs. The reason why I started blogging was after reading Proudduck. I just LOVE the way she writes, her everyday life, and her FASHION...omg I seriously LOVE her fashion. I in fact wanna ask her to be my stylist. But the cheap cheap brand version unlike the designers she uses.

Winners for Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011
Best Photography Blog –
Best Geek Blog –
Best Food Blog –
Best Fashion Blog –
Most Original Blog Design –
Best Parenting Blog –
Best Travel Blog –
Best Entertainment Blog –
Best Lifestyle Blog –
Hidden Gem –
Best Micro Blog –
Most Influential blog –
Region’s Best blog –

Friday, 23 December 2011

New Stuff

With the merisik happening exactly in 9 days (January 1st 2012), my mother has been doing so many great changes to the home furniture, decorations etc. Thank you mommy!! She bought a new set of dining table (the old one was horrid) ,and she also unpacked a whole lot of our old chandeliers and got an electrician to hang them up to make the hall area look even more presentable.

The hall area looks much nicer than we first moved in which was like was 2 years ago. She unpacked so many cool cute decorations and hung them on the walls. It really is coming to life now! I can feel it in my bones. Also, just now, my aunt, baby Farah, mommy and Dianah went to survey for hantaran decorations etc. I finally found nice glass vases for my candies for the buffet. Affordable.And now I finally have a rough idea on the entire function. We surveyed at this new mall at Setapak called Festival Mall and at level 3, there is this store called Kaison (I think) but it starts with a K and you can't miss it. They carry beautiful artificial flowers as well as containers for the hantaran which cost RM 10 each. However, those containers do look very cheap and flimsy. So...NO!!

I am so excited and am literally counting down the days till my merisik ceremony takes place. Then, once that is done, Ikhwan and me will seriously start hunting for our hantaran items and we plan to complete it all before the 6th of January since I will be starting my new job on January the 9th. Yeay !!! *jumping with joy*

The New Lights

When lights are off

New 8 seater dining table

My art work that I painted! Yes!! I PAINTED IT

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Here and there

I'm home!! Had the most hectic weekend and finally am home just today. Had my laptop with me but was too busy and tired to make any entries or anything. Recap of my wonderful long weekend. 

Had the ultimate best time with Ikhwan. Headed to Shah Alam to find for the famous soto as seen on Warung Kita which was located in Shah Alam Section 8, Jalan Liku. Oh dear god! The both of us found it after 2 whole hours. Finally reached there. Ordered each a bowl. Took the first mouth and we looked at each other and said we were going to order each another bowl. We ended up eating 2 bowls of Soto each. Was affordable. The total bill came to RM 19.00 including our drinks. That's 4 bowls of Soto and 2 drinks. Cheap right? Anyway, it was definitely worth it. Might be going there for the weekend again.

Then met up with Alif and Nurul at Subang to attend a friend of ours wedding. We spent the night at their house since Ikhwan was too exhausted to drop me home after dropping them off to their own homes. Stayed up late night after the wedding watching some ghost movie on Astro.Then at 8 am we pushed off from their place as they too had to go to work. Reached my home area by 9am (Ikhwan was so smart in finding roads to avoid the traffic), had breakfast and he sent me off.

At 10 am my aunt dropped her baby Farah over to me to babysit since she had some urgent matters to take care off in Putrajaya. So babysat Farah and luckily she is such an easy baby to watch after. Gave her milk, and she dozed off on my bed and obviously I slept off too next to her. At 3pm my aunt called and said she was on the way to my place to pick Farah up. My younger sister and me followed my aunt back to her place and spent the night there. Took Farah for swimming in the evening and then relaxed in her apartment all night.

Today, woke up only at 12 noon, had "breakfast" and chilled around. At 3pm dropped my cousins off to their whatever activities and the 3 of us went to the saloon and got our hair done. My aunt coloured her entire head and my younger sister did highlights which she hated and wasted my money for it. She came home took black hair dye and coloured her hair back!!  Me?? Oh no way!! I was babysitting Farah in the saloon as these ladies had their hair done. Then came home. Best part was no one was there to open the door for us. Dad was having his shower and couldn't hear the bell. So we waited outside the house for half an hour. My aunt was chilling in my place and at 11pm she made a move.  What a hectic weekend! Plus weekday!!

Ikhwan & me at our friends wedding

Alif & Nurul at our friends wedding

Congratulations Ford!! Ford & his new wife

Friday, 16 December 2011

Blast from the past

In Ring Rose Kindergarten. Me in the middle!!

Ikhwan and me

From left : Sarah (my elder sister) , Me

Right after high school, me and my BFF's...Yup that is Cheryl Ann (miss universe 2012 Finalist)

Ikhwan and me when we first started dating

Ikhwan , Me and Dianah (younger sister) back in 2007

Baby Genius

Had the funnest day ever! My aunt asked my younger sister and me to babysit her baby Farah and we were so excited! She had some work seminar to attend so...Tasneem to the rescue! Farah is such a happy cute adorable little baby...Can't get enough of her! We played with her like she was a life size doll and eventually she got so tired she slept throughout the night and according to my aunt, she has never seen her baby this tired! I guess we really did it to the maximum with her! How can we not ? She is freaking adorable. You can tell from my previous post 

At 8am, my aunt and Farah waltzed into my room and interrupted my sleep. And I honestly have never seen any baby who smiles and laughs as much as she does. Even right after waking up from bed. My mom purposely pretended to scold her and she would just laugh or smile back. How can a person not get attached to this adorable 6 month old baby? 

Today she tried baby biscuits for the first time. Every time we adults would be eating, Farah would just stare at us and move her mouth like as if she was chewing food. It's so sad and pitiful so, I bought her Heinz baby biscuits. She LOVED it. She practically gobbled the whole thing within minutes and she was so bouncy and excited until I had to hold the biscuit because from the looks of it, it's like she was going to choke herself to death. Farah finished the entire biscuit. *smile*

Oh we also brought Farah for swimming. Again...her first time. The way she was enjoying the water was just breath taking. We are planning to take her again this coming Monday and this time, I am gonna let her swim swim....Hope my aunt is not reading this! Blek!! Can't wait to see her reaction on Monday. Oh...and she also has this new habit where whenever she takes a shower, she would stick her tongue out to taste the water and then choke and cough *melts* I love her so much! I miss her already! Sadly, I did not manage to get any pictures of her this time cause I refused to let her go. Carried her all day and gave her sloppy kisses.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Start of something new

I did it...submitted my tender at my current company as I landed an awesome new job with a big well known company who offered me a higher pay with fabulous benefits. My CEO was so kind enough to extend me guardian leave for the entire month of my notice. That means I don't have to work during my tender but the company is paying me. Fantastic!! He said " a short rest for you before entering your new job!" How thoughtful.

I mean when else can a full time working person get paid leave for a whole month without being sick or pregnant ? I get to relax , catch up on my sleep, exercise and the most important thing is, this gives me great opportunity to do surveys and shopping for my upcoming engagement...Now you know what my great news of me feeling blessed was all about. Ikhwan's story on his current success ?? Sorry still won't be blogging about his personal life here.  Well not for now at least. Until he gives me the green light obviously. But I am dying to share his news with ya'all.

Bid my farewells with all my subordinates just now and everyone thought I was joking at first until they looked over my desk and saw my autographed Anna Kournikova picture posted on my desk missing. Then, they believed it was not "horse-shit"..That's the word we use in the office. It was sad leaving everyone behind...Had our goodbye hugs and then chilled in the office for a while so I could have my last lunch with my 2 close friends in the office.

I am honestly going to miss them the most. All the silly fun times we had in the office. Running around barefooted and getting yelled at for laughing and talking too much. It was our playground. Those were the best memories I had within my office. But we made a promise to still keep in touch on a monthly basis for our sushi dinners and gossip sessions. The bright side is my new office and the current one ain't that far apart. So that means we can still hang out. 

Oh well, I am looking at the bright side. New job, new environment, new people and most importantly, new challenges ahead. Lucky I have this whole month to take a nice long break. Hope I won't feel too relaxed by the time I start my new job in 2012 ..Ikhwan says it's a great way for me to concentrate on losing weight and toning up. I think so too.  *sigh* I come!!

Monday, 12 December 2011

Wish upon a star

I feel so happy and lucky and blessed today. You know, previously, Ikhwan's mom kept questioning when do we plan to get married and every single time she asks me that, I would always answer the same thing. Not yet...waiting to be stable financially first. And without a doubt, his parents would reply me back, marriage is a blessing. Don't hold it back too long. Great things will come along the way once you have a blessed marriage. 

Ever since Ikhwan and me announced that we are ready to get married, seriously, I am not exaggerating, tremendous wonderful great things have been happening to the both of us. Like suddenly, all our wishes, hopes and dreams are coming true. It was a blessing when we announced we wanted to tie the knot. 

Maybe it is true what they say. Things will eventually fall in place when you do the right things. I think it's just the matter of who dares to take the leap and who is holding back. Because of all these great happenings for Ikhwan and me, I have made a promise to fast for 3 days as a thank you to god. For giving us what we have always longed for or chased after and many more in the upcoming years of our lives together. A better tomorrow and better future. Amin!

Plan B

Just came back from my Aunt's place for a meeting in regards to my merisik which will be taking place this coming January 1st 2012...It's so near...Getting all excited!! Anyway, during this meeting we came to alot of decisions and one of it which is so sad is that I can't use black and white as my theme colour. My grandparents and aunty was not pleased with the colour BLACK. They say lets keep black for mourning and not your happy occasion like this.

Then my cute grandmother added "Kim Kardashian's wedding black right?? See she ended up in a divorce" was surprised she knew that information. Then she added again on how Maya Karin (Malaysian Celebrity) also did black and white also ended up in a divorce...It's bad luck! Can't lie that that information didn't scare me a lil bit on the engagement being jinxed and all. So final decision is...NO black and white. So I asked them to suggest a colour and my aunty got up and said "wait"....and she walked away.

"Tasneem..." she yelled from the kitchen. "There you go...I have these flower arrangements you can use for your engagement" It was gorgeous....And looked really fancy. Colour?? Pastel GREEN and PINK. I assume it's from my cousin's previous wedding. But who cares....It is still in good condition and it's beautiful. guessed it. Pastel GREEN and PINK for the dulangs. Phew...I am so gonna save on the flower arrangements now that I have these to use.

As for my dulang girls, I am still figuring out what colour they should wear. If it is up to me, I don't really care. It doesn't have to be all synchronized but it would be better if they were. So what idea I came up with is I informed all the 7 girls to inform me what colour Baju Kurung they own already and I am pretty confident they will all own one same colour and that shall be the colour they all wear. I am not really particular in their outfits matching the dulang decorations. It's just a small engagement with close family. To me, which ever way we can save money, would be the best choice or option. 

Oh least some of it is done for now...Just have to buy the hantaran stuff now and also come up with the decorations for the house. Now that...would have to suit my dulang decorations. EASY task now that I have a finalized colour. Yeay me!! Am so excited now that I have some of the stuff in my hands. Shows that it is really happening sooner than I know. 

Saturday, 10 December 2011


Yes!!  It was finally my birthday on the 9th of December. I turned...wait for it...wait for it....24. How did my birthday start? Well well..after work at 2pm, Ikhwan picked me up and....jeng jeng jeng....PAR-TAY! Well not really party party but we partied!

We went to Curve for the ultimate favourite burger of mine which comes only once a year! On my birthday of course (hey last year also okay) THE PROSPERITY BURGER by McDonald's. Yummmy!! After feeling prosperous, Ikhwan and me went to the cinema and got our movie tickets. MY CHOICE of movie!! Obviously I chose...THE NEW YEARS EVE which was totally awesome by the way..Seriously, you gotsta watch the movie. It's so sad and funny and Zac Efron is so damn fine!! Oh yeah..back to my birthday.

So while waiting for the movie to start, we walked around laughing, talking , doing silly weird stuff...No nothing like what you're imagining. It's more like...*blush* we talk crap and do silly things which entertains us okay. 

Oh I forgot the most important part of the story...Since 2 weeks ago, Ikhwan mentioned that  he had a Birthday surprise for me and I have been bugging his soul for a clue or even a hint. And finally 9th December arrived and I was still bugging him all day. At 7.15pm we left and rushed to the secret location, as he said we are gonna be late for our reservation! I started annoying him again in the car obviously. Was listing every possible thing that came to my mind. On where the dinner would be.

The car drove into Restaurant Nelayan at Tasik Titiwangsa....SEAFOOD!! I have never been there. I got so freaking excited. And then *bam* I saw his entire lovely family and they yelled out Happy Birthday!! Even Fara and Nia (Ikhwan's 2 younger brothers girlfriends) were there. I was.... I was stunned, excited, happy and also very touched. The whole family of his came to celebrate MY Birthday. 

During dinner, we were all laughing, picking on one another, joking around and just enjoying every second together. I kept eating prawns and prawns and crabs and crabs...Never touched any other thing but Crab an Prawns...Enjoyed it. Then Ikhwan's dad came to my side and handed me a birthday card with everyone's signature and sweet messages for me. I didn't expect anything else. I mean the dinner was expensive. 

Ikhwan's dad suddenly pulled out a present nicely wrapped up with ribbon. I seriously did not expect any presents nor did I wish for them but...I ripped open the gift and it was an organizer for 2012...with a pen and calculator attached in the organizer. Sorry guys but I am an organizer freak!!! I love organizers...the pretty ones with hard cover and every little detail for you to write in. *sigh* I love my organizer. Thank you uncle!! Somehow it made me feel like an adult...I mean getting the organizer as a gift... not that I am un-organized. I am too organized that's why I love my diary.

Then Nia gave me her present. Also I was not expecting anything from them. She gave me this gorgeous candle holder and whispered something to my ear. The purpose of the gift. Sorry is more 18sx so can't share it here...Thanks Nia for the perfect gift for the perfect occasion..*wink wink*. Fara too pulled out her present. A to-die-for classic type of Photo Album. It's not your ordinary type of photo album. I'm talking bout ....don't know how to explain..see the pictures below.

It was fantastic. Couldn't ask for a better birthday. Why it was so meaningful was the fact that Ikhwan and me are not engaged officially yet neither are we married yet. Yeah we have been together for 4 years 9 months but the fact that his entire family came to surprise me at dinner for my birthday...was a shocker and the thoughtful. Makes me feel like.....darn it.. there are no words to describe how I felt last night. 

Thank you my love, Ikhwan for the ultimate best gift ever...And obviously thank you to his wonderful family for celebrating my birthday with me. And the presents....A big add on to end my celebration. I love you Ikhwan Sha!!

Ikhwan & Me

My Plate

The Card


  Nia whispering the present to me!   
 Nia's Candle Holder

Photo Album from Fara & Aie

His beautiful Parents

 The Family  

The Ladies

His parents & us

 From Left : Nia,Me,Fara 

    From Left : Nia, Fara, Aunty Maria, Amira (Ikhwan's younger sister) & Me


How exciting will this be ...omg!! Lego-land theme park is finally launching and it's all ready for us in 2012 to go crazy...We would be the 6th country in the world to have the Lego-land. It will be situated in the heart of Medini North in Johor.

There will be a special pre-annual ticket price sale for some early birds. See below:

For a limited period only
Adult - RM195 
Child - RM150 
Adult - RM275 
Child - RM210

Adult - RM140
Child - RM110

MyKad holders get a RM30 rebate at the gate.

LEGOLAND Malaysia Entrance (© Courtesy of Legoland Malaysia)

Dragon-Coaster Asia (© Courtesy of Legoland Malaysia)

LEGO TECHNIC test track (© Courtesy of Legoland Malaysia)

LEGOLAND Msia Park Map (© Courtesy of Legoland Malaysia)

Picture courtesy of MSN Malaysia

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Sale !!

There will be a special sale on the 11th December, Sunday, at Lake Titiwangsa from 10 am to 7pm. My dearest friend Suci Shawl & Scarf will be having a booth there just for you peeps out there. Expect the unexpected from her...From shawls to scarfs and Pashmina's.. Get all the latest trends at Suci Shawl & Scarf booth. Also, stand a chance to win great prizes at a special lucky draw run by them.

Don't forget to mark your calendars for this Sunday, the 11th of December at 10 am...See you all there !! 

Picture Courtesy of Suci Shawl & Scarf

Monday, 5 December 2011

Sunday Funday

So on Sunday morning, Ikhwan, myself and our friend Alif & Nurul met up at Lake Garden for some exercise session. More like chilling session. We played badminton like for half an hour then sat on the bench while snacking and talking about anything and everything while eating Tuna Sandwich prepared by Nurul and sausages by me.

After a long tiring morning of exercising, the 4 of us decided to head to Pavilion. Ikhwan was making a big fuss about how they should try Ochada Pearl Drink. So everyone was all geared up. Pavilion was so packed. We headed straight to Tokyo Street to get ourselves the drink. Ikhwan and me recommended our favourite Grape Yogurt Alo Vera drink to them but Alif was like "ooh I hate yogurt" so they ordered Oreo Ice Blended with pearls. Obviously when our drink came, we forced them to try ours. And Alif was so impressed with the taste of our drink he was upset with his. Hahaha....Told you to order like us.

Went to Stadium wanted to get me some exercise gear  instead, I ended up buying 2 bags. They were half off. One for me to use for gym and the other for my younger sister a "back-to-school" bag...which she loves by the way! Oh we had Manhattan Fish Market for lunch. Now that was a hilarious part of the day. Ikhwan is so fussy about food and when these guys suggested the fish place I knew Ikhwan will be facing some trouble. But him being as sweet as he always is said no worries. He is fine with eating there. Well, obviously Ikhwan ordered Pasta and we forced him to eat some of the seafood platter thingy we ordered and he almost puked. My lovely honey bunny is so adorable! I love him!! 

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Joy Ride

Had an absolute funny and fantastic date last night. Worked finished at 3pm and I quickly headed to the gym. Met Ikhwan there. Did painful 3 hours work out and then straight to Pavilion for our date! We were starving and since I was on a diet, we had subway...yummy

After dinner, went to our favourite pearl tea parlour, got our favourite drink and rushed to the cinema. Watched Breaking Dawn. Funny thing happened in the cinema. The chair I was sitting on broke. It was already broken not because I am fat. Anyway, I called the cinema people and they pretended to fix it and just left like idiots who didn't care about me...Ikhwan, being all Ikhwan-ish said it's okay forget it he will sit there while I enjoy my movie. Love him!!

During the movie,I realized there were two empty sits next to us. I suggested we sat there. Ikhwan was like no no I'm very comfortable and bla-di-bla. But you know what?? During the entire movie, our friend was holding his weight with his arms...he was half sitting on the chair. What a pity!! And funny too cause I suggested we change sits and he refused. So he kept complaining his arms were hurting and I assumed it was cause we just came back from working out. But's due to holding half his weight.

No wonder through out the movie he kept checking the time. He was waiting for it to finish so he won't have to do what he was doing. After the movie which was so bloody awesome by the way, we went to Subang and met our friends Aliff and Nurul. Have not seen them for 3 months now so had a lot of catching up to do. 

In the car on the way to them, Ikhwan and I were too distracted with the CD he burnt. GREASE Soundtrack. How could we resist it? I was so hyper singing dancing jumping in the car. It was so hilarious. Had so much fun with him. *sigh*...Headed back at 3 am and slept off. Too tired to do anything. Overall I would say another dating session which went great with my lovely hot gorgeous man. No he did not pay me to type that.

The best movie ever

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Tepak Sireh

Does anyone know anyone or someone who is renting out tepak sireh ? I need to book one for my engagement so badly and I am running out of luck. I emailed certain websites that I came across to rent their tepak sireh.'s either they don't offer the service anymore or it wont be available on the date I want.

Am going bonkers searching online...If you know someone who is selling the Tepak Sireh set also please inform me. I might be interested in buying one if it's affordable. Hik hik..It's very pretty. Oh sorry! Allow me enlighten some of my readers with a lil touch on what Tepak Sireh is.

Tepak Sireh' is a brass container as above....where you can place and keep betel leaves, betelnut, clove, cardamom, catechuu, tobacco and paan and also the betelnut cutter.Betel chewing is a tradition which dates back thousands of years. The bitter poultice is an acquired taste, and, although it is not clear why the people of the Pacific originally began to chew betelnut, the habit has been passed down through the generations and now provides a cultural link to their past.In India (the largest consumer of betel nut), the betel nut is cut into small pieces using a special instrument called sarota, and the husk is wrapped in a "betel leaf" along with lime and may include clove, cardamom, catechu (kattha), etc. for extra flavouring. Betel leaf has a fresh, peppery taste, but, depending on the variety of betel pepper from which it comes, it can be very bitter. Experienced chewers might mix the betel nut with tobacco (the drug effect of the nicotine in tobacco resembles that of betel nut). This preparation of betel leaf with or without betel nut is commonly referred to as paan in India and Pakistan, and is available everywhere.

Picture & Info Courtesy of  Ibnu Yusuf

So for those who can help me out please help me...I'm starting to panic since I can't seem to find the major stuff I need. Omg I should have booked earlier. It's my fault preparing other stuff. I thought things like this will always be available and easily found. Silly me..Argh!! Please help!! Thank you