Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Work-out Day 1

Just finished my first day of diet! Was really hard wont lie to you. The temptation of eating toast and tuna for lunch with with friends were replaced by 1 carrot and 2 sticks of celery with carrot + celery + cucumber juice. All made at home. No dressing, flavouring and sugar. And for dinner went out with Ikhwan and his brother & his girlfriend to Haji Sharin Low and they has Rice with meat!! So delicious....Yummy!! I had vegetable soup and Chinese tea. Again no sugar.

Once I reached home relaxed my stomach I started my workout. I am so weak!! Use to be so strong. Now I can't even handle my own body weight! Argh!!! How did I manage to get this FAT and unfit ?? Anyway, I did the Sarah Fit workouts for upper body and lower body. My hands were literally shaking. Couldn't support my big ass. Was a struggle but I am happy cause I pushed myself regardless of how painful and tiring it was. I wanted to stop and run down and have some ice-cream. Will power Tas...will power...

Here is one of Sarah Fit's workout which I did and made me breathless. Like a sloth I was after the end of this 30 minute workout. Crawled off the floor to my laptop and my shoulders hurt from typing. So let's not beat-round the bush. Check out her video for you B2b's out there who wanna get fit but only can spare 30 minutes to work-out. It looks easy but don't be fooled. Off to the shower and bed. Can someone carry me up please...Overall Day 1 SUCCESS


  1. Hello found u while blog hopping!

    Ive tried so many diets man and exercise. i can get hooked but can go off the track very easily..But thanks for putting the link on Sarah, I'll go stalk that page now for more info on coughcough exercising.

    Good luck to u with the workout and diet!!

  2. Thank you...Should check out her webpage. I think her workouts are good for people with no gym equipment etc. Good luck to you too!!