Friday, 11 November 2011

Why do Malaysians LOVE white-mixed people ?

This thing has been bugging me for quite sometime and now that I have a blog, I shall just lash out my thoughts and feelings. Sorry if I may offend any of my readers or anyone out there but I just gotta let it out before I literally burst.

Last night, I somehow knew the Miss Malaysia Universe 2012 winner would be Kimberley Leggett. And my predictions came true...I  knew Malaysians would vote for her to win because she has white mixed in her blood. Yes yes..she was born in Malaysia but why oh why can't we ever send a pure Malaysian? She did mention in an interview saying what is pure Malaysian? It's 1 Malaysia and bla bla bla.

Hear me out please my dear readers. It doesn't mean that if you are born in Malaysia you are a pure Malaysian. In Kimberley's case her parents are not Malaysians. She is Eurasian. So...It's not that I hate her. I'm happy she won! But come on! The only reason she won is cause she is white mixed. That's why all the boys go wow....Truth be told, she will never make it even 2nd round in Miss Universe 2012.Do you think she will be able to stand out when she is next to Miss India? Miss Spain? Miss Portugal? Miss Brazil?Miss Venezuela? Miss Russia?  Not a chance babe!

Did you guys know that even Deborah Priya Henry, the one who oh so proudly represented Malaysia and oh so beautiful she is really gorgeous is NOT i repeat NOT a Malaysian?? She was born in Ireland. So what if her dad is Malaysian Indian. So what if she studied in Kuala Lumpur. She was not born here. Therefore how can she represent Malayasia? And...if you look closely, those chosen are always people linked with whites.

Either mixed, born there, or studied there and grew up there. Funny part is, they have the accent when they have only been studying overseas for 3 years of their life. Funny how these people come back thinking they can be Malaysia's spokesperson etc when they can't even try to be a normal Malaysian. *Pheeeew* that felt so good.

Again guys, sorry if I may have offended any of you. I am not saying Kimberley shouldn't win but all I am saying is there are plenty other beautiful girls out there who could do us some good. What I really wish to say is Why can't Malaysians stop trying to be like the western people and stop looking up to them so much. At home here, we have plenty of exclusive role models and successful gorgeous people to look up to.

To my readers from overseas, I am not saying you guys are not great, It's just that here, in Malaysia, they look up to foreigners too much and forget about the people here at home. That's why people like Jimmy Choo and Dato' Michelle Yeoh. Tengku Azura and Amir Lokman had to go out of Malaysia to hit jackpot. They know Malaysian's will never give them an opportunity until they are known overseas. Then only will Malaysians proudly say "oh yeah...he/she is a Malaysian okay" 


Pictures : Courtesy of  Miss Universe Malaysia 2012


  1. maybe if they send a pure Malaysian is not that beautiful compare to the mixed one.. And, as we know malay girls can't join this competition, I think malay girls is pretty..

  2. Confirm ade pure Malaysian yang cantik gile....But memang true and sad that Malays cant join

  3. what makes someone a true Malaysian? Does the term 'true Malaysian' only apply to people who were/are born in the country?

    While I respect your opinion, I don't think it's fair to judge these contestants based on your assumptions (that people only like them because they are mixed/grew up abroad etc) - yes, I get it, it's your blog and you're free to write/express your opinion.

    I just feel that each and every opinion (as big as this) should be backed up with facts, no?

    I don't think coming from mixed parentage make anyone less Malaysian than the born&bred in the country kind. And those Malaysians who achieved great things abroad - again, I don't think it's fair for you to speak on behalf of them of why they chose to try their luck and achieve big things abroad.

    Unless you know them personally and all that you wrote are cold hard facts.

    Sorry for the long comment.

    My kids are going to be those who come from mixed parentage and as a future mom, I don't think it's fair for people to say that they are less Malaysian than the next kid just because one of their parents is not Malaysian or/and may not be born in Malaysia.


  4. Dear Miss Anonymous,

    Thank you for the responds. Am glad that my blog managed to catch your attention..Again as mentioned above, no hard feelings since you fall in the mixed category!Just being a free writer and I respect your opinion on it.
    Have a great weekend.


  5. Hi again =)

    No worries - no hard feelings whatsoever. I just found it interesting - your take on 'pure Malaysian'. It actually puzzled me, to say the least. Maybe you care to explain? What exactly is pure Malaysian? Or how does a normal Malaysian should/would act?


  6. Well hello Hani...are you by any chance THE yasmin Hani? who is a mixed ?? well...tq for reading my blog!

  7. Look at the finalist of Dewi Remaja! Scha Al-Yahya, Izreen Aminda, Neelofa, Izara Aishah, Anzalna and many more! If the malays be able to join and im pretty sure one of these girls will atleast make it to the top 15!!!
    Make a petition for Malays girls to be able to join!!!!!!1

  8. Hi there,
    I'm from Australia and moving with my family to Malaysia shortly. I've visited Malaysia and surrounding Asian countries many times for holidays, and what keeps my family and I coming back is purely the people. You all are just so nice, caring, down to earth, genuine, the list goes on... and it's definately something to be proud of. When ever people come back from Malaysia, all they talk about is how it's such a beautiful country. I know as a fact from personal experiences that we are treated "different", but that doesn't make us any more special. We are all the same. What keeps you Malaysians above all the rest, is the beautiful-hearted people, which is so hard to find now-a-days.

  9. Hi there...that is a very nice thing to say. thank you :P hope you will enjoy you lovely stay in Malaysia. Which part of Auzzie you from? Cheers!

    1. You're most welcome, all very true :) Thankyou! I'm sure it'll be amazing :)I'm from Canberra!

  10. Hi. Just dropping by and would like to add my two cents about having an accent. I'm Malaysian of Chinese ethnicity. I went to public school but I for one never had a very strict Malaysian accent and I hardly ever speak the colloquial Malaysian English. Mind you, for a person who doesn't have a strict local accent, it would only take them 5 months to a year to develop an accent if they had lived in a western country. There are two types of English in Malaysia, the colloquial english and the malaysian standard english. Generally, there are a large number of malaysians who speak english as their first language. Note that there are many private international schools nationwide as well and Malaysians who went to these schools tend to have an american or english or a blend of various other accents.

  11. i red a lot from some bloggers and writers talk about pure Malaysian or look like Malaysian and i really don't get it What exactly is pure Malaysian? Or how does a normal Malaysian should look like or act like?

  12. I agree.People here should stop thinking that white people is the most beautiful people or the most superior race. There are a lot of malay women that are just as beautiful or even more beautiful than european women.

  13. I hate white people. They think their are superior race. The majority couple always White guy and Asian girl in the world. I hate white media against color people. White media shithead. I hate white lies. White people don't respect any color people. I have experience in overseas.