Saturday, 5 November 2011

Temptations gone wrong

Ikhwan' friend was visiting Malaysia and they checked in the Renaissance Hotel in KL. We went over to meet up with them to bring them sight-seeing. All were excited and having fun.Until.....Ikhwan saw the Mr Potato Chips at the pantry area in the room. Now everyone knows that these items are charged and they mark up the price tremendously. Without checking with me, he took the potato chips and popped it open and before I could say anything he quickly jumped in and said that we will buy back the same one later and put it back like nothing happened.

It was too late for me to say anything by then. So I agreed. As I turned around, I heard a can pop sound...Ikhwan again!! With Pepsi in his hands also from the hotel mini fridge. Later after that, we went to KLCC for lunch. I had salad if you were wondering. I have not blown off my diet. Back to the painful stabbing story, Ikhwan and me hurried to Isetan groceries to look for the particular potato chips and guess what, we couldn't find it. So I suggested Cold Storage. And yes!!! You guessed right! None...

Ikhwan was nervous and he continuously told me not to panic as we had so much time to look for it. After eating, we headed back to the hotel. Me being very curious took the menu and checked out the price of the potato chip that he couldn't control himself from eating. RM 15.00 for a small sized potato chip. Not the large one. A small can....RM 15.00??? The hotel is obviously robbing guests there. And the Pepsi?? RM 11.00 for a can. RM 11.00 ???? I gave him a look and he assured me we would find it later and replace it.

Then came dinner time. Before dinner, we drove to the nearest petrol station to fill up the tank and I suggested to him to go check if they had the potato chip. He came in the car with empty hands and when we drove off he only then mentioned the gas station mart had the same brand and size ones but different flavours...Can you imagine that?? So what if different flavour ?? It's not like they will notice it. 

We literally went everywhere nearby the area to search for the potato chip but couldn't find any store that carried it. Even 7-eleven. Finally, Ikhwan accidentally spotted a mini market at the corner of the street and luckyly they were not closed yet!!! THEY HAD IT !! The same size, flavour and and packaging.And what's the best part? It was the last one on the rack.No I am not exaggerating.It was so funny when he quicky ran to the rack and took the last one and he looked at me and said "oh my god sayang!!! We are so lucky!! The last one..." Yeah lucky him! We paid RM 2.50 for it. Can you imagine if we didn't manage to find it? We would have paid RM 15.00 for a silly 2 ringgit potato chip? Just cause.... just cause.... Ikhwan was tempted.

We all had a great laugh after that. It was funny in an annoying way. The funny part was, they had Kit-Kat, Crispies and a bag of nuts which are easily available everywhere but he had to choose the potato chips....Ikhwan was so cute when his panic face started to show. I love him so much. But at that moment, I wanted to strangle him so badly.

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