Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Rosken Skin Repair

I have been having dry skin all my life and when I started working, it has worsen alot as I spend my time in the air conditioned office 9 hours of my day. This made my skin even worst than it usually is. My hands and legs will be so dull and dry and to be honest it is a turn-off.

I have tried so many I mean many types of lotions but nothing worked. Even those which states for dull dry skin. Nada!! Recently, my friend who is a go-to person for beauty and health + FASHION tips recommended I try Rosken body lotion. I bought the small tube just as a try out. And guess what! It works...No guys. This is NOT  a sponsored post. All my post on products etc are for real.

Back to the product. I think I have found the ultimate lotion and all I have to do now is apply it everyday. I'm the kind who gets lazy to apply lotions.But for this particular one I will. Why ? Cause you know how after applying lotion you get the sticky feeling all over your body? But for Rosken, after application, you don't feel the stickiness. It's like you never even applied anything. And ...and...unlike other lotions, you have to apply after a while cause your skin dries out again for my case but Rosken, just once a day. My skin doesn't look dull and dry anymore. It is moist and I like touching my arms now.

So this entry is a big shout out to my dear dear friend Mia, THANK YOU! You guys can check out her blog for great beauty tips.Next I want to ask her bout hair! I want shinny thick volume soft gorgeous hair. Again.. Thank you Mia.


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