Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Pushing the Limits

Every morning at work we have MMM (Monday morning meeting) with the Directors of the company and since last week, my GM would play inspirational videos at the end of the meeting just to encourage us that nothing is impossible if we push our limits and not be afraid to get out of the safe comfort zone we tend to revolve around.

Since Monday was a bank holiday, we had our meeting today and this time the video he played was so inspiring. It made me stop and think of how much I always "wish" or "dream" to achieve something but never seem to. Instead, I often find excuses and constantly blame on my surroundings. All will change. One step at a time. And I managed to do that today. I set my mind to it and I accomplished it. Amazing!!!!

The gym!! Last year Ikhwan and me joined Celebrity Fitness at Wangsa Walk and let me tell you, that gym is full of crap. The equipment in that particular outlet was bullshit. No...it's not an excuse. Seriously. You would have to literally line up to wait for your turn to use the treadmill or even the cycling machines. Weights also. It was very frustrating. By the time it's your turn you eventually get demotivated and do lesser than you wanted to.

Today was my first day in True Fitness. Ikhwan is already a member there and he is a gym-holic. I love his body. So lean and muscular. *Hamna hamna hamna...drool* Anyway, back to my story, since I won a free 1 month pass to use the gym, I decided to make the best and most out of it unlike when I was paying at celebrity fitness. Never lost a kilo at all!! *pfft*..

I remembered the video my GM showed last week and today, and I got so inspired that I pushed myself to limits I never did before while working out. I was so impressed with myself in how much I managed to do today. I have never been so proud and pleased with myself in working out schedule. Usually I would play cheat. But no...not today. I would say I went the distance. A bit dramatic I know

All I was thinking in my head while working out were how ugly my pictures look like now-a-days cause I have gained weight. Or how my closet is filled with unworn and brand new clothes with the tags still attached which I bought way back when I was a size zero. Yes....I was once a size zero. *sigh* those were the days where I could wear anything and buy everything without even trying on. I could shop from the racks. Things have changed. Now, I would have to line up to go try the clothes on and come out so sad cause I look so horrible.

But all that is going to change very very soon. I am pushing my limits to win the 6 months FREE membership to the gym and the additional 2 NEW Skechers shoes. One for my love and one more for ME!!! As a reward for my achievement in weight loss. Lucky me Ikhwan is my personal trainer. He knows what he is doing in the gym. So lesson from today's post is, if I can do it, so can you. Check out the video my GM showed us today and last week. Hope it inspires you as how it inspired me. We have to find the voice inside our head that pushes us to the limits we never thought was possible. Everyone has that voice. The difference is some of us find it and some of us don't. Which one are you ?


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