Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A month away from today

My calender on the left hand side of my grey table suddenly caught my eye. It's November 9 today. That means in exactly one month, I will be 24, officially. Suddenly all thoughts just flew into my head and brought me far away to some other dimension of thoughts. 

I will be 24 in a month's time and have I managed to achieve all my goals and targets? Will I be where I wanna be by 30 ? Am I even close to it? It suddenly made me so upset. Like how can i be on Times Magazine Cover in 5 years time as "Youngest Successful Entrepreneur in Asia"?always wanted that since I was 15 but never told no one.People tend to laugh at our dreams and goals alot when we were young and i'm pretty sure some are as they are reading my entry. Does this mean I need to push it to before I hit 35 ? It gives me 11 years exactly to achieve it. Hmm...maybe 5 years isn't so bad after all. Or not. I'm just lost for now.

The one damn thing I can surely cross out soon is my GET ENGAGED. However sadly the GET MARRIED part, I gotsta wait patiently till 2013 to cross out. I didn't even manage to lose weight. Put on weight, grow a new chin I did. But lose em? No matter how hard I tried * exaggerating* I can't seem to lose the weight. Ah, maybe that is the way I can get me on Times Cover. I shall invent a new thing or something that will make EVERYONE lose weight without suffering. Ooooh....*$$$$*

Oh dear! Tas.....Pull yourself together. It's about time I sat myself down with myself and speak to myself about how I wanna lead my life and review my goals and targets in my life. There is so many me me me in the sentence above. But hey, a person's gotta do what a person's gotta do right? How bout you guys? Are you all right on track? Or even heading to the right directions?

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