Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Lanvin Marry Me! Love Hunt 2011 @ Hitz Fm

I submitted an entry couple of month ago and guess what!! I was chosen to participate in the Love Hunt finals. But...yup! There is a but!! I WON'T be attending it. I know!!! Why? Well, cause they are so stupid to make the competition on a Friday, in the morning, during office hours. 

I have no annual leave left. And no way will I take MC. Come on..anyone who calls in sick on Monday and or Friday will be a joke and laughing stock at my office. I know! Plus, my office is next to Pavilion and imagine if I called in sick and went to Pavilion for the finals,  and my bosses or my work friends accidentally saw me. I'll be dead!

It's so frustrating!! I was so looking forward to winning a pair of diamond ring each worth RM 5000 from Diamond & Platinum, even a 3D2N stay in Lili Marleen Private Yatch. The prizes to be won are also Pre-Wedding package from Armadale Wedding Vows and many more. The grand prize is worth up to RM 15,000. Can you imagine if I managed to win them, how nice and how much would I be saving for my actually wedding? Rings? Honeymoon? Photography? 

Ikhwan says "sayang, it means it's not our rezeki.Don't worry k? Keje lagi important" . Easy for him to say. I want I want I want!! Free stuff....I will do anything for free stuff like this. Wouldn't you? Haish! Neways guess Ikhwan has a point. It was not meant to be. Poor Tas!! Oh well, guess it's just not meant for us to win...

Truth? I am not THAT disappointed. I received,no wait ...actually, Ikhwan and I both received an amazing news each. Guess you win some and lose some. Will share the good news with you guys soon. Don't wanna jinx it just yet. It's in the process. Hopefully all will work out.However, I will share my good news once its certain but as for Ikhwan's I need his permission to announce it at my blog.