Thursday, 17 November 2011

Hectic Mectic

I have been so busy with work to update my blog. Sorry guys !! Work has been insane! I have been so exhausted the whole week. Everyday after work, I get home, watch a little of TV and by 8.30pm I would be all cuddled up in my blankie and in bed snoozing away. That's how exhausted I am. And I have no idea why. Even when my alarm rings at 6.30 am, my eyes are still way too heavy to open and hit the showers. Seriously...why??

I have just came up with a new project. But haven't really had the time to properly start. QUILT making! me lame but I love doing all this stuff. It excites me. *sigh* Well, as I was saying, I haven't really started on my quilt making but I have finished the design pattern etc with measurements. And then my friend Mia gives me another brilliant idea and now I will have to re-design my quilt pattern and measurements and of course buy new cloth to suit the idea she gave me. Such a genius Mia is. See, I told you guys a fashion-go-to Guru is her! Thanks Mia!!! 

What I have planned up for this week? Okay...tonight design the new pattern idea Mia gave me. Then Friday, what else??....DATING!!! Saturday & Sunday attending my cousin's wedding the Arabian Night Themed wedding I mentioned. Will take pictures and share with you all. Oh by the way!! I am dying for REAL FOOD!! I have a craving for Nasi Lemak Daun know the packet ones wrapped in banana leave? Argh!!! I want to eat real food...Not my Styrofoam oats. 

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