Saturday, 12 November 2011

Green Walk at Garden International School

Was up at 6am on a Saturday morning. Had to head out to Garden International School at Mont Kiara. They had a Green Walk event and my company was the sponsor. Being an employee there, I had to attend the walk but thank god I didn't have to take part in the actual event which was a 2km walk. 

We had a prize draw. We do it every year at most international schools in KL. Anyway, the prize was the latest Game Boy. The kids were so excited filling up their names hoping to win. There was one particular kid who came to our booth with a sad face saying he was wishing it was him. Unfortunately he was not so lucky today.

After the event at 12 noon, Ikhwan came pick me up and we went for our date. Went to One Utama. Had lunch at Nandos. It was so much fun. We were talking about secrets we never told a soul during our childhood days. Embarrassing stuff we finally shared with each other. Everyday I learn something new about the man I love so dearly. And it is exciting that way. We never fail to bore each other out. I hope it would forever be that way. Somehow I know it will.

After a nice long relaxing lunch, it was time for our movie, Immortals! Awesome!! Greek god type of movies just excite me so much. I wish I was a goddess. Well actually, after every movie we watch I wish I was the character. Let it be from a boxer, a robot, to a vampire. It's just one of those things that keeps me excited and believing in hopes and dreams although they are un-realistic. Ikhwan also had a pit stop at the game shop. Football Manager 2012 has been released. Bought it and the excitement on his face was priceless. I know he couldn't wait to go home and play.

Dinner was at KLCC, Milanos, at Signatures. The best Pastas ever. Oh we did manage to stop by at Candylicious. Which reminds's OPEN!! And we went insane. Only at the Reese's section. But oh my goodness. They so overcharge. Seriously. Like the buttercups are being sold at RM 26 for a small bag. The one I bought at Genting was way cheaper and a bigger packet. They didn't allow people to snap pictures so...sorry guys! Need to check em' out yourselves when you are in KLCC.

We ended the date in Ikhwan's ultimate favourite stop and my No 1 hatred place ever. CAR WASH. I dunno why but after every single date we always have we MUST end it at the car wash. He says that's the happiest place for him to be at. By the way guys, I blew my diet today. I had 4 Reese chocolates. The balance?? In a tupperware in my room. Only allowed to eat it when I see Ikhwan. That sound reasonably fair. I love him! And I miss him already!!! A perfect ending for a perfect date. *sigh*

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