Sunday, 6 November 2011

Eid al-Adha

What a long day ...and still going on. And I am so disappointed in myself. I cheated my entire diet today. Although I did not eat any rice, I still ate way too much than I'm allowed too. Had Ikea's meatballs and french fries for breakfast. My elder sister bought the frozen meatballs from Ikea and the sauce and everything. We made it ourselves at home and it taste as good as Ikea's.

After breakfast, we all got ready and headed to my uncle's house at Petaling Jaya. I did not eat anything they served. Yeay for me! Sat down had good laughs and after an hour or so we went back home. Came home, had lunch. Mom made her delicious Mutton Briyani and Mee Jawa = soupy noodle. I ate a small serving of Mee Jawa. Than we had Ikea's Daim cake. A small slice. How can I ever say NO to the Daim Cake? After lunch , took a short rest and headed out again. Now this time to my Aunty's place. Mom's side of the family.

As usual. Had some great laughs and then they served tea. Heavy tea. Nasi Padang and Lontong. I again did not touch the rice although everyone was taking seconds and thirds as it was superbly delicious according to them. I managed to control myself. Instead, I had some Lontong. Just the gravy which has loads of vegetables. After tea, mommy, my lil bro,lil sister and me went to Furniture Mall at Kelana Jaya. They were looking for a double-decker bedroom set. 

We went to almost 15 furniture shops. Dianah and me were playing a silly game where we had to find the most comfortable sofa's in each shop. Stupid I know but we were trying to keep ourselves entertained. Anyway, they had many many cool sofa's. Somehow we kept laughing alot at every shop and to think of it, I can't remember why or even what was so funny.

At 8 we finally left. Mom and my lil bro managed to find what they wanted. We reached home at 9 pm and I saw my other younger brother eating mommy's Mee Jawa. Well you guessed it right. I had a bowl of it. And now I am up in my room, regretting. My day is not over yet. Waiting for my other aunt to come over with her adorable fat baby. 

I am so exhausted I can fall asleep as I am typing now. Thank goodness tomorrow is a public holiday. That means NO work!! wohoooo.....But it won't be a relaxing day tomorrow. I have a last minute order from a customer for my Blueberry Cheesecake. Oh dear god!! Please give me the strength. Other than that, nothing really happened. Just normal outing day. Tiring day.


  1. hye tasneem! saw ur blog while i was blogwalking. just gotta drop by since u have d same name like my lil sista tasneem :)

    keep on writing ya! xxox!

  2. hye there! seriously??awesome. hardly meet anyone with the same name as me. Hope you keep coming back! Thanks.