Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Celebrity Name game

Ikhwan has this annoying habit that seriously ticks me off but at the same time I enjoy it. A guilty pleasure I say.. I call it The Celebrity Name game. He will pull this thing out of the blues or when we are watching a movie which happens much frequent. Don't understand it? Okay.

He will suddenly ask me "What's that celebrities name? The one who acted in bla bla bla movie?" And every time he does that my mind goes blank. Like I can see the celebrities face in my head, but the name will not pop out until we get frustrated and not speak. No no...not cause we argued. Cause the both of us will be concentrating so freaking hard to recall the name. It drives a person insane. Especially when you know the name but can't seem to say the name. You know what I mean? Ever experience that before?  Like it's there but not quite there?

Or for instance while in the cinema, I hate it when this happens. As the movie is running, he will whisper "hey what movie did he/she act before?" Like who cares...just watch the movie. When he asks that, I won't be able to concentrate anymore. Why? Cause my mind is busy figuring out the name of the movie he/she acted previously. 

A couple of times it got so drastic that we could not manage to come up with the answer to his question, we would actually call either his brothers or sister up or even my sisters up just to ask the question just so our minds could rest at ease. You may find it weird. But it happens alot to us. Actually it happens him

So, as for today, after lunch, Ikhwan suddenly asked. "What is Tom Cruise's wife name?" I went blank. It took us almost to an hour to finally say the name. He was like " I know it is Kate something". Then Ikhwan would list all the names of celebrity that has Kate in it. And no it does not help cause it makes me, us, even more confused. Finally....while buying his game I suddenly yelled out Katie Holmes....Aaaaah....Peace!!!

Today we added some extra fun in the car on the way to KLCC. We played guess the celebrity name game. Each of us would take turns asking "Okay what's his/her name? The one acted in bla bla bla movie". It was so freaking fun...I couldn't say..... crap...I forgot her name! Oh yeah Helle Berry the one who acted in Catwomen. I also forgot Michael Douglas, the one who acted in Wall Street. He couldn't answer Lisa Kudrow, Phoebe from Friends. Neither did he manage to answer David Schwimmer, who played Ross Gellar.

We kept cursing at each other. And to make things more fun, we would purposely confuse each other with other names. *smile* Everytime before a movie starts, I would quickly say "NO......don't.....just watch!" or suddenly I feel a poke on my arm from him I would quickly say "No.....stop...." Then he would turn away and pretend to watch but I know his mind is trying to figure out the answer to whatever his question may be. Then I would feel so bad, I will ask him what the question is and then we would both start thinking. Hahaha....So hilarious. I still remember once. In the cinema during Pirates of the Caribbean he asked something about something I can't remember and we couldn't figure it out that Ikhwan actually called his brother while we were in the cinema just to get the answer to his question. I told you...we are funny in the silliest ways. At least we enjoy the same crap!


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