Thursday, 3 November 2011


CANDYLICIOUS is opening in KLCC in November. It is the WORLD'S LARGEST Candy store. They carry over 5000 types of candies. Can you imagine a store more than 5000 types of candies? Colourful!! I am really looking forward to it.

Now I know where I can shop for unique candies for my engagement for my candy buffet. Cause I have been going into malls finding nice exotic candies for my guests but nothing really cought my eye. I'm sure with this new Candylicious, I have 5000 types of candies to choose from. Wohooo…Getting all excited and worked up like as if I won Jackpot! that shows how I enjoy food

You can find gummy bears, gummy worms, peach rings, cola bottles and jelly beans. And the best part is it's a "pick & mix" type concept. That way we don't have to just buy 1 particular type for a certain gram. Me likey!! Besides candies, you can find inspired t-shirts, tanks, bags as well as cushions. Can you imagine sitting on a gummy bear cushion? *wondering*

Well, just a heads up to all B2B's who wish to do candy buffet like me, fret not as the worlds largest candy shop is here and will be opening soon in KLCC. Enjoy the colourful pictures. I'm drooling (my diet is still on and am still going strong)

Pictures : Courtesy of Google Image

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