Friday, 25 November 2011

Blessed Friday

Went and choose my FREE Skechers Fitness Shoes at Pavilion Skechers store with Mia just now. Oh my goodness! We were so excited. I could choose ANY of the Fitness Skechers shoes. Mia and me were laughing non-stop. So sweet of her to feel all excited with me. Some people would just envy the other. But not her!! She was actually the one busy asking them the benefits of the different types of shoes. All I did was look at the shoe colours and patterns.

We were asking so many questions. Giggling non-stop and I can't remember why. Want to know the best part? I didn't even look at any price tags as I was choosing my shoe. In the end I finally came to a decision and chose the Fitness Shape-up light weight shoe. Gorgeous. All they had were mostly in PINK and I hate pink. So I went with the most attractive eye-catching shoe on the display.
If I end up losing the most weight by the 19th of December, I will receive another 6 months FREE True Fitness pass and another 2 pairs Skechers shoes. One for me and the other for my Ikhwan. 

Came back up to the office and Mia helped snap the pictures of my shoes for me at her table. Thank you!!! And then guess what?? *Bam!!*. Received an excellent news from Ikhwan's side of expertise. Sorry...won't be able to share it with you guys cause I would like to keep Ikhwan's private life out of my blog for now. Anyway, back to his good news, am hoping for the best of it. Amin ... Love today ! 


  1. hye tasneem
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  2. Hie Muis...thank you for the warm welcome...hope you've enjoyed my blog as much as i enjoy writing it