Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Bieber Fever is BACK !!

Justin Bieber is a huge guilty pleasure. I mean this small blonde annoying kid makes millions and makes girls at all ages cry over him? Like seriously!! My younger sister is a huge fan of his and fine! I admit I do enjoy humming to his songs BUT I am not gugu-gaga over him like these girls.

Well,for his 1st concert here, I wanted to surprise my younger sister with tickets cause I overheard her begging my mom like a lost puppy to buy her the tickets.FRONT ROW!! Oh she is 15 by the way. Well, sadly, the family decided to go for a vacation on the same date he arrived KL so,too bad Dianah!!

Guess what you Bieber fans!! He is coming back to MALAYSIA for his 2nd concert.When?Where? Are some of you getting up from your sits and coming closer and closer to your computer screen?? Well've got the Bieber Fever too...Okay here goes. ahem..ahem....

Dear Justin Bieber Fans all over ASIA and the world, JUSTIN BIEBER will be performing in KL on 6th of July 2012 at Stadium Merdeka....I can hear the screams already. Oh wait!! It's Dianah. Just skyped her although her room is next to mine and broke the news to her that he is coming back to KL for another concert. OMG....This time I told to start saving up cause I've got an engagement and wedding to pay for..Hello!!! I ain't gonna pay for Baby Baby Baby oh....

So there you go. Those of you who are already texting, calling, Facebooking or even Twitting your friends or status, bare in mind that IT'S NOT A CONFIRMED STATEMENT. In other words, Rumour Has It! Booyeah!! No but seriously, he is coming on the 6th July 2012 in KL.

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