Monday, 21 November 2011

Almost there

 Bought my cloth for my engagement and wedding ceremony already..wohoo....It's gorgeous and I am so excited about it.  I wanna post a picture of it here but if I do, then there won't be any surprise left on my actually engagement and wedding ceremony day. Guess ya all would have to wait!! Am starting to feel like it's real now...Really happening.

My weekend was full. Attended my cousin's wedding. Happy for her being married and all but it's sad in a way. She will be moving to Singapore since her husband is from there. Boo hoo.. She looked so freaking gorgeous. Her younger sister started crying when she officially became his wife. So touching. Yeah..they were very I mean very close. Touched everyone. Hang in there Emma. You still gots me. Will post up pictures of her wedding soon. Other than that , I blew my diet. I had Briyani Rice at her wedding. Couldn't resist it. Come on!! It's a celebration. *yikes*

Oh yeah. Guess what?? I joined a competition on I wanna lose weight Skechers and I WON!!! What did I win? Ahem...A pair of skechers shoe and complimentary gym at True Fitness for a month. Well, they chose 4 winners and I'm one of them. What I would have to do is work-out obviously and by 19th December 2011, they will weigh me and the other 3 finalists. The person who loses the most weight from tomorrow wins another pair of Skechers shoe and complimentary gym membership at True Fitness for 6 whole months! What an awesome way for me to continue my diet etc. Now I can join Ikhwan and work out with him, since he does use True Fitness. Wohoooo....